Lagos Yahoo Boy – Episode 10


Shola and Lilian were a handful. The duo was so playful they literally turned the interior of my car inside out. They opened every hole and asked questions about every item they saw. They even questioned why my car’s registration number had BDG in it. I told them it was because my car got registered in Badagry. Then Shola said, “really? I thought it meant Big Dick Guy”. Lilian and I busted into laughter at Shola’s wittiness. Our conversation got real sexual right after. I got quite hard at some point during our conversation and I was sure I got them wet too. They soon alighted at a convenient bus stop and I drove straight home.

As I drove into my compound, I realized people were gathered in front of one of the flats. I parked my car in front of my apartment and before I could alight, Collins, a neighbor came rushing toward me. “Mr Tunde, na God carry you come. Abeg we need your help”, he begged hurriedly. “What is it?”, I asked. He then told me how Baba Wale our most notorious neighbor almost got lynched by an angry mob of boys in the neighborhood. Everyone has been trying to know what happened but he won’t talk about it. As it is, he needs to be rushed to the hospital but none of the other neighbors are willing to volunteer their vehicle.

I gave it a thought for a while. Really, Baba Wale doesn’t deserve anyone’s sympathy. He is the same man that would stall in paying his utility bills. There was a day he called me a jobless lunatic after one of the residents association meeting. “I know better than to pay evil with evil and cannot behave like the other neighbors. Besides, what will it profit me if I refuse to help and he eventually gives up the ghost?”, I thought to myself. “So, where is he now?”, I asked Collins.

We both rushed to Baba Wale’s apartment and his abusive wife was on the floor crying. With the help of a few other hands, we hauled Baba Wale into the backseat of my car. Of course I had to lay some waterproof on the seat to prevent blood stains. Who wants bad blood in their car? The police came in just before I drove out and asked a few questions. One of the officers looked at me and shook his head. Other officers greeted me like we were colleagues. Of course they know I’m their DPO’s friend. We got to the nearest general hospital and Baba Wale was admitted immediately. Collins and I then waited at the reception.

Bella my neighbor rushed in about fifteen minutes later. “Tunde, abeg come make I see you sharp-sharp. Talk dey”, she said. Bella and I have not spoken since my arrest. I had concluded she was the snitch. Reluctantly, I got up and followed her to just outside the reception. As soon as we got outside, Bella began. “Tunde. Why you dey help dis man? Why you no leave am make he die throway? Na the evil wey he don do dey haunt am so. Abi you no know say na him dey do informant for police for we area?”, Bella asked. For a while I was confused.

Collins must have been eavesdropping. He soon joined us. Collins said the boys from the neighborhood found out Baba Wale has been the brain behind the incessant arrests. Baba Wale would go to places where boys and men hang out. After gathering information about any seemingly prosperous fellow, he feeds the police. All for peanuts though. The police will in turn arrest and extort the victim, especially when they find any incriminating evidence. This was a huge crime on the Lagos streets I know so they ambushed him. It took the intervention of the older women to stop the angry boys from killing Baba Wale.

Instantly, I felt like I had done enough for Baba Wale. I headed straight to my car. Bella and Collins joined me and we drove back home. The night didn’t pass without other neighbors feeding me with various pieces of info. They all corroborated Bella’s point – Baba Wale is a certified snitch.

Bella came to my apartment later that night. I apologized to her and she was really disappointed I could think of her that way. The only way to pacify Bella was to tell her to come spend the night in my apartment. She has really missed my dick.

While I was waiting for Bella that night, my phone rang. “Hi Tunde. It’s me Lilian. How are you doing tonight?”, came the voice. I was stunned for a while. “Wow! Did Shola give you my number?”, I asked. “Nope! I stole one of your business cards from the car earlier”, Lilian confessed. I was still on the phone when Bella walked in. She bolted my door and took my dick in her mouth immediately. She sucked me into hardness and I couldn’t remember the rest of my conversation with Lilian.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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