Lagos Yahoo Boy – Episode 1


Although ASP Bola was about old enough to be my mom, it didn’t mean a thing to me anymore. We’ve been through so much together in the past few weeks for me to see her as such. I watched her take off her uniform as I inspected the contents of her handbag. She unstrapped her holster and placed it on the bedside table. I moved closer and made to touch her pistol. Bola merely smiled and removed her trousers. She was left with her undies only when she climbed into bed beside me. “Tunde, are you going to lay beside me in bed with your clothes on?”, she asked.

After removing my clothes, I dropped the pistol and returned to Bola’s handbag. There I found some cash, ATM cards, an iPad, android phone, makeup kit and a handcuff. I watched from the corner of my eye and caught Bola admiring my cock. “This boy, you have no fear o. You’re searching a senior police officer’s bag that way?”, Bola joked. We both laughed and I returned everything into the bag except the handcuff. We laid side by side but Bola was quite shy so I made the first move. I pulled her face closer and planted a kiss on her lips. Bola sighed and adjusted her body closer to mine. Then we began to kiss again. This time it was more intense.

I told Bola to turn her back and get on her knees. She obeyed and I quickly cuffed her hands behind her back. Then I gently assisted her to lay on her tummy. I squeezed and played with her massive ass for a while before taking my fingers to her pussy. Bola moaned as I skillfully massaged her pussy and inner thighs. She wiggled in pleasure and I didn’t stop until I could feel some moisture on my fingers. I spread her legs wider and slowly fingered her. My fingers went deeper with every thrust. Bola groaned and arched her ass up in a way that only made my fingers sink deeper inside her cunt. “Ouss! Aah! Tunde, you’re killing me”, she moaned.

ASP Bola’s pussy got so wet and soiled my fingers. I sniffed my fingers and licked them noisily. Bola turned to look at me, “what did you just do?”, she asked. She felt irritated when I told her I just licked her pussy juice off my fingers. I didn’t care. I just pushed her head back into the bed and spread her legs wider. Bola kicked and protested as soon as she felt my head between her legs. “What’s this now? Fuck me if you want to fuck”, she said. Then I told her I don’t just fuck, I make love instead. She didn’t quite understand what I meant but she was under cuffs so I took advantage of her. I licked her pussy and she protested at first but gave up very quickly.

She moaned and giggled until the cuffs got too tight on her wrists. I unlocked it immediately and Bola sat up. “What kind of boy are you? Where did you learn all these things you’re doing?”, she asked with a smile on her face. She rested for some seconds and stretched her hands toward me again. This time I cuffed her from the front. I pushed her and she fell on her back. Bola stretched her cuffed hands as if to push my head away as I approached her pussy again. I raised her legs up and began to lick her thick pussy. Bola moaned and screamed until she had an orgasm. “Did you like it?”, I asked. “Hmm! You children of nowadays”, was all my sugar mummy could say.

I freed her from the handcuffs and she grabbed my cock immediately. She was so eager to have my young cock in her mature pussy. Bola was the old school type of woman. She wasn’t so sexually inclined but I was ready to educate her. I told her to take my dick in her mouth but she refused. Then I leaned back and began to flash back on how we met a few weeks ago.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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