Kebbi State Fuck (KSF) – Part 2

Hasiya’s message read, “You’re a very bad guy. What took your eyes to my boobs? Don’t you know it’s a taboo? What else did you see?”.  “Nothing else”, I replied. Then she told me she was tired and needed to rest. The flirtation was going well so far so I asked if I could come give her a massage. Hasiya responded with a surprised emoji and said “so you can see more of my body ba?. I know you want a closer look at my boobs. Ashawo boy”. I quickly typed, “that would be great, you know?” with a smiling emoji and pressed ENTER. Hasiya’s response got me feeling so alive. She said, “how about tomorrow? I don’t have classes”. It was a perfect response for me. I couldn’t wait for the next day to come.

I must have overslept because I woke up around 9am. By then the compound was already quiet and empty. My landlord and his wife usually leave home around 8am to drop Umar at school before going to work. I left my apartment and went straight to the gate to stylishly check and be sure my landlord has left. Immediately, I got Hasiya’s message. “u don’t have to check. They’re gone and I left the back door open for you”. Quickly, I turned and went inside through the back door.

Hasiya was in the parlour but she got up and went into some room. I needed no further invitation so I followed her inside. She removed her long hijab as soon as I entered. “I hope you can massage well”, she said. I smiled and told her she had to remove her top for best results. Hasiya smiled and shyly pulled her top off.

Standing before me was the most beautiful set of boobs I’ve ever seen. They were firm and her nipples were erect. Hasiya said I shouldn’t look too much because I will see but I won’t touch. I smiled because deep within me, I knew I was about to fuck again. Hasiya laid down and I joined her on the bed. I asked her where it was hurting and she said, “please work my whole body”. I went down to action immediately and massaged her whole body with the baby oil she gave me. Later on, I worked my palms to her ribs and massaged it while deliberately touching her boobs on the sides. Next thing I heard was Hasiya letting out soft moans. l left her ribs and boobs and moved down to her ass.

As I massaged her soft buttocks, I pushed my hand into her trousers. Yes! your guess is good as mine. Hasiya had no underpants on. I massaged her ass until my hand went in between her ass crack. My fingers were glad to touch her already water logged pussy. Hasiya moaned loudly in the process and closed her legs tight as she climaxed. “I have never felt this way before”, she whispered. I told her to relax and enjoy the moment. Hasiya laid on her back and I settled my lips on her boobs. I sucked her nipples till she began to wiggle on the bed. She led my finger back into her trouser and I started playing with her pussy. Before I knew it,  Hasiya orgasmed again with a loud moan.

As she recovered from the orgasm,  I seized the opportunity to pull her  trouser off. My tongue found her pussy opening and I began to lick and suck her. Hasiya screamed loudly and wriggled her waist under the power of my tongue. She had yet another orgasm and begged me to stop before I kill her with pleasure. As she rested, she told me she has never had such experience before. “Although I’m not a virgin, no guy has ever made me feel this good”, she said. I smiled out of fulfillment, kissed her and fondled her breasts again. Hasiya collapsed back into the bed in total surrender. I sucked her hard nipples and finger fucked her at same time. She put her hand inside my trouser and freed my raging hard cock.

Hasiya screamed at the sight of my monster. She almost cried saying I was going to tear her pussy apart. I assured her that I will be nice and gentle. Besides, a woman’s pussy can take any dick size. “If you’re scared we can use the baby oil as lubricant. But I think you’re wet already”, I said. Hasiya agreed and when I entered her, I could have sworn she was a virgin. Only thing missing was the hymen. Despite being so warm and wet, Hasiya’s pussy remained very tight. I fucked her for several minutes and was about cumming when she begged me not to release inside her.

I poured my cum on her navel and she told me it’s the best sex she ever had. We cleaned ourselves and dressed up. Hasiya brought some food and we ate together. As I returned to my apartment, I knew I have found myself a new fuck mate in Kebbi state. My phone vibrated and there was a new message from Hasiya. It read, “when will I get another massage?”


This article was written by Poka.

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  1. Weldone. Massuesse aye!!! Nice story. This series go dope cos na illegal fuck under parent’s roof…
    Thumbs up.
    Have a nice weekend.

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