Kebbi State Fuck (KSF) – Part 1

“Mallam Isa, this is the new tenant I told you about”, said Mallam Aliyu who happened to be the estate agent.

My name is Kennedy, but my friends call me Kenny and I was posted to Kebbi State for my NYSC. After camp, I reported to my PPA (Place of Primary Assignment). The corps’ lodge was in a bad condition so I decided to opt for accommodation else where. That’s how I met Mallam Isa, my new landlord. He lives in a big compound house with a boys quarter, so I occupied the boys quarter. There was a well in the compound where we all fetched water. My second day at the compound marked the beginning of my trouble.

The back window of my room faced the main flat and the well is only a few feet away from the window. I was in my room when I heard voices chatting so I peeped. Behold! I saw a pretty lady with a little boy. I later found out they were my landlord’s second daughter and her kid brother. She was a fair skinned and slim lady with a pretty face. As she bent to fetch some water, her medium sized boobs came to view. The result was the nodding of my dick. That’s when I recalled that it’s been long since I last had sex. I quickly got hold of my bucket and went out to fetch water also.

I met her drawing the last bucket. She took her water and they all left. I was stunned by her slim, lovely body. Later that day, I was in my room when Umar, the little boy came and knocked on my door. Their father has asked to see me. When I got to him, he made the house rules clear to me. “No random women, no getting drunk, no smoking in the compound, and no keeping late hours outside”. Those were Mallam Isa’s exact words and I was ready to comply. After that, he asked if I could be taking his son Umar in evening classes. I told him I will think about it because I needed to see my schedules first. Then we exchanged phone numbers. Little did I know that Mallam Isa is the proprietor of the school I’ve been posted to.

Two days later, Malam Isa called me to see him in his apartment. When I knocked on the door, it was Umar who opened. My father is inside, “he said”. When I met Mallam Isa, he called one Hasiya to bring me some drinking water. To my surprise,  Hasiya was the same girl fetching water days back. Immediately, I agreed to take Umar on evening lessons. Days rolled by and I learned Hasiya was schooling in a private university and she goes to school from home. Meanwhile, her other siblings were in boarding school.  Hasiya is not allowed to go out unless for a very genuine reason. Then I understood how lonely and bored she must be feeling.

As I began my classes with Umar, Hasiya came around once in a while to see what we were doing. She does that to pass time since she is mostly at home. With time we got closer and I would give Umar much work to do while I engaged Hasiya with gist. We soon exchanged numbers and I added her on Whatsapp. That was the beginning of our romance.

One day, while chatting on Whatsapp, I told Hasiya I have never seen a guy come to look for her. She said her parents won’t allow. “But you’re a pretty lady, with fine looks and shape”, I said. Hasiya responded with a laughter emoji. I also told her she has nice lovely boobs and she sent a surprised emoji.  Next message I got from her was, “how did you know?”.  “I saw it while you were fetching water the other day” I responded. Suddenly, Hasiya went mute. I called but she didn’t pick up. I became worried knowing I must have crossed my boundary with her. However, some minutes later, I saw a message on my screen. It was from Hasiya.

To be continued…

This article was written by Poka.

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