Is It True?

Good day my people. I have a question for you all today. But first I will tell you a story really quick. This happened today while I was going about my regular taxi driver job. I’m not a glutton but then I don’t like an empty car while driving. I mean I love to have a few snacks and a drink at least, just in case I’m famished and not yet chanced to stop at a restaurant or go home for a decent meal.

I entered one of the fast foods in Ilupeju to get two sausages and a drink. I was back in the car and ready to leave when a chubby lady called my attention that I dropped some money as I was putting my meal pack in the back seat earlier. I thanked her and she entered into the same fast food doors I just exited. Something in me wanted to see the chubby lady’s face again then I felt I had to urinate too so I entered the fast food again to make use of the toilet and also to get a chance to satisfy my curiosity about the lady.

Soon as I entered, “Tunde! Right?”, the chubby lady asked surprisingly. I was shocked as I tried to place her face. Then it dawned on me that I was standing right in front of Agnes the bully. Agnes was a nightmare from my primary school days. She was about three to four years older than most of the other kids in our class and bigger too with already developing breasts. She was also far from being one of the brilliant pupils in class. She always comes first or second from behind.

To cut the long story short, I had my sit and we started chatting about the good old days. From the first day she tried to hug me after school, which I rejected. How she got mad at me for that and would always bully me with her size in class. I confessed to her that I was always afraid to look her in the eyes back then. The confession became contagious as Agnes opened up too that she was seriously crushing on me then. I know I was really cute and mischievous way back. She once caught me placing a broken mirror on the floor of the female toilet in a desperate bid to view the girls’ pussies as they took a pee. She always blackmailed me with this afterwards by threatening to report my act to the headmaster.

We chatted for a while and laughed over many memories. I made her realize that “jungle don mature” as Tunde is no longer the timid one. Agnes in her own part has managed to keep her very expressive nature. We exchanged contacts as I offered to pay her bill. She jokingly declined and said, “you better not run when I try to give you a hug this time”. With the look in her eyes I had to quickly pocket both hands in order to conceal the slowly growing bulge in my pants.

“Too late! I saw it already. You’re still a very naughty boy, aren’t you?”, Agnes asked as she beckoned on me to follow her. The workers greeted her as we walked through a closed door which led to some stairway. We climbed up into a nicely furnished office and then I realized Agnes is the manager of the fast food I just patronized. Agnes closed the door, picked up the intercom and requested that all visitors should wait for her downstairs until she states otherwise.

My eyes wandered around her desk and I noticed a photo frame of Agnes, a man and two kids. Agnes must be married now I thought. I didn’t quite finish my thoughts though before Agnes pulled me closer and we started kissing. I wanted to resist her but, hell no! I won’t run again. I held her closer as we kissed and smooched for several minutes like some long separated lovers. Agnes sat on her desk and spread her legs, “you won’t need a broken mirror to view my pussy today”, she said jokingly and we both laughed. I got on my knees and pulled her slightly damp pants to the side with my index finger. I swiped my tongue from the base of Agnes’s pussy right up to her clit. She shuddered and let out a soft moan.

I licked Agnes’s pussy until her pant and liners became a hell of an erotic mess, so wet with saliva and pussy juice. I got up on my feet and removed her panties totally. I inserted my index finger deep inside her very wet cunt and started to finger-fuck Agnes. She moaned loudly. I bent low and teased her clit with my tongue at the same time. Agnes started shuddering again which only made me intensify my efforts. Her pussy was pulsating with excitement and practically begging to be ravaged by my very hard cock as she came in my mouth.

Agnes pushed everything on her desk to the side while I removed my Nautica trousers. I mounted the desk and laid on my back. She had a devilish but beautiful smile and excitement on her face as she climbed and slowly eased my eager cock inside her dripping cunt. I could feel my dick brush against the spongy inner walls of her pussy. Agnes started bouncing on my dick and would grind harder whenever my cock touched her g-spot. I could feel my dick breaking new grounds inside her pussy. Tearing through places no one has ever been before. Agnes totally forgot she was in the office as she moaned and cum loudly on my dick.

We switched positions right after the second orgasm and Agnes laid on her back while I had her legs on my shoulders.  I gave her the deepest thrusts she has ever had as I watched her pussy cream splatter all over her thighs and ass hole. I spread her legs wider to discover her swollen clit begging for attention so I gently rubbed it with my thumb. The pleasure got immense on Agnes as she scratched on the desk and moaned more loudly like a carefree bitch. Her pussy started pulsating again but this time it felt like it was trying to squeeze sperm out of my dick. We held each other tightly as we both came at the same time. I got dressed, bade her goodbye and left the tired Agnes to sleep in her office.

Now I’m in my neighborhood with two friends. They’re both trying to convince me that at least seventy percent of married women have slept with someone from their past after marriage. I don’t know whether to believe them or not but I trust my readers’ judgement here so I’m expecting your various comments. Are my friends right or wrong?

Have a wet and fuckful night y’all!!!

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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