House Blues – Episode 9

hb9.jpgFrom the way Alhaja sucked my dick, I could tell she was having a refresher course on how to suck dick like a pro. Terrible at first but she got better with every slurp sound that followed. Alhaja must have had a good sex life until ‘maybe money’ made her marry Alhaji and she has managed to stay faithful till last night despite his infidelity. Alhaja soon started deep-throating herself with my hard cock.

Alhaja mounted my dick and started to grind on top of me. She moved at the same tempo with the ‘O’ song by Omarion playing on MTV. She did it so good I started suspecting she is an ex-stripper. Her succulent boobs hit my face randomly and I sucked her nipples as much as her bouncing allowed me. I grabbed Alhaja’s ass with both hands as if to tear them apart then I started to fuck her really fast from under. For the first time, I heard Alhaja speak Yoruba, “Ah! Tunde o ti pami”. And that was just like adding gasoline to fire for me as I simply increased the pace. There was an explosion as Alhaja didn’t only cum but also squirted all over my dick, belly and bedspread alike.

Alhaja suddenly became the most carefree vixen. She got so expressive, talking dirty and moaning loudly with every stroke of my dick. I made her go on fours as I entered her again from behind. It was a lovely sight watching my dick slide in and out of her pussy. Alhaja was cumming again as she fell flat on her tummy. I pounded her harder until my very naughty Alhaja started to tighten her pussy muscles around my dick. She squeezed until I made the announcement, “Alhaja I’m going to cum”.

She sprang up quickly and took my dick in her mouth. I held her head tight as she took my whole cock deep in her throat. I shut my load deep into her throat. Every single drop. I was grunting loudly like a big pig. Alhaja swallowed it all and smiled as we laid in each other’s arms. I was ready to do this all day as long as Alhaja will tip me good at the end of the day. We put a call through to room service and ordered breakfast. I could not imagine being naked with Alhaja in the same room and bed. International business woman and a young taxi driver.

My phone soon started ringing. I picked up and it was Yetunde, my freaky neighbor. “Mr. Tunde, please I need you to take me out this morning. I have to see my mum before she leaves home”. I was about saying it’s okay and I’ll be on my way when I remembered I’m booked for the day already. “Sorry Yetunde but I’m working now and can’t be home soon”, I responded. I could read disappointment in her voice but I had no choice as Alhaja is a bigger client. Besides, Yetunde’s might just be a free ride in my taxi since we started having sex yesterday.

After breakfast, we checked out of the hotel around 9:00am to visit one of Alhaja’s clients. I dropped Alhaja in front of some very busy jewelry store on the island and then looked around for a good parking space. I no want LASTMA wahala. It was all good resting in the car until….

To be continued


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