House Blues – Episode 7

hb7.jpgAs soon as we approached the Lekki/Epe expressway Alhaja asked for some music. I was driving her to Elegushi beach. I skipped through my musical collection on my mp3 player not knowing what kind of songs Alhaja would prefer. One moment I saw her as a very religious woman and the next I’m seeing a woman who is half way done into the bottle of Hennessey which she held tightly in her fist. “Tunde, please pardon my manners, care for a drink?”, she finally asked as though she was trying to start up a conversation. “No, but thanks Alhaja. I don’t drink and drive, maybe after work”, I replied as courteously as I could.

It was almost 10:00pm and we could hear the loud music as the beach lights greeted our eyes. I found a parking space and as soon as I turned off the ignition I felt Alhaja’s left palm on my shoulder. She stretched her hand to pass me the bottle. “Tunde, you must drink with me tonight”, she said. I smiled as I collected the bottle from her. I took some gulps too like I was trying to catch up with her on the highness and we both smiled. I could tell Alhaja was high already from the way she swaggered out of the car as we made for one of the sheds at the beach. We found a table and Alhaja ordered barbeque for two.

While waiting for our orders, the alcohol brought out the youth in Alhaja as we chatted about several irrelevant stuff. I was feeling tipsy already too as we opened the second bottle of Hennessey. In the height of our conversation I asked Alhaja why she had to leave home immediately despite just returning from a trip. Alhaja didn’t spare any words in explaining how much of a helpless adulterer her husband has been. She just caught him with some strange girl in the house again. It all made sense to me immediately. Alhaja always hopes to catch Alhaji red handed, that’s why she’ll rather get home in a taxi after each business trip. Then the gateman must have felt uncomfortable because he foresaw the drama to come.

I was lost for words but I managed to tell her to put him in prayers. Alhaja was quick to joke at my advice though. “Even APC not fit change my husband, Walahi”, she said.  I chuckled as I watch her smile and take another sip of the Hennessey. She then stretched her hand as though for a handshake to which I responded. She held my hand and looked straight into my eyes. “Tunde, it’s 11:15pm already. let’s get a hotel around. I’m not sleeping in that house tonight”. “Your wish is my command”, I replied as I grabbed my keys, stood up and helped Alhaja out of her seat. I did a good job helping Alhaja to the car despite being slightly drunk myself.

We found a cool hotel after a few minutes of driving away from the beach. Alhaja asked me to hold on till after she had a shower. She was full of smiles when she returned minutes later like she got inspired in the bathroom. She unwrapped the towel from her body and before I could take my eyes away from her sweet nudity she handed me the towel. “Go take a shower. I’ll be waiting for you in bed”. That statement from Alhaja got my dick hard immediately as I dashed into the shower.

To be continued….

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