House Blues – Episode 5

hb5Oga landlord was obviously furious. My guilty conscience overwhelmed me. Me, a tenant, banging my landlord’s wife in his own house? What will become of me today? Will the landlord alert the police or involve other neighbors? How will people see me after this forbidden event? The questions ran through my mind. I was there facing the landlord with my sorry face. I must have been lost in my thoughts when the landlord’s voice woke me up. “Tunde, is everything okay?”, “why, you look so dull?”.

I snapped from my sorry face and made up the excuse that I’ve been battling a fever for days. He understood. Oga landlord had come to complain about the tenants on the left wing of the compound who refused to pay their electricity bills for months. He had anger written all over his voice as he threatened to disconnect them from the electricity source permanently. I calmed him down by saying I’ll be in his apartment shortly. Landlord managed to give a grin before turning toward the stairs to his apartment. I heaved a sigh of relief as I entered back into my apartment.

Cynthia is no longer in the kitchen. Yetunde is not in my bedroom either. What happened? Are these women fucking with my mind? I put on a fitted white V-neck and denim shorts as I decided to take a walk around the compound in order to verify these women didn’t just vanish into thin air. A glance at the landlord’s balcony and I sighted Cynthia and the landlord discussing and laughing. In my mind I’m like, “hmmm, women bad sha”. I also walked past Yetunde’s window expecting to hear a sound but I was disappointed.

I returned into my flat. Yetunde was there sitting on my sofa with a loose red gown. She had a big can of Pringles in her hand and was munching away. I sat beside her as I took some for myself to munch too. She later explained how she saw Cynthia escaping through the kitchen door when the landlord came So she took the same door since her kitchen door was almost beside mine too.

Yetunde had her legs on my thighs as we watched Madonna’s ‘Body of Evidence’ together. I was carried away by the movie when I heard sloppy sounds beside me. She has been fingering herself since the last erotic scene from the movie. I watched her torture her own clit with excessive pleasure as she rubbed away on her swollen clit. Now her pussy juice is flowing past her ass hole and almost touching my sofa.

I moved closer to Yetunde. I lapped my tongue on her pussy as I tasted her juice. I knew I had to give her some dick instantly. She threw her legs in the air as I inserted my hard cock inside her already creamy pussy. Yetunde moaned loudly as I fucked her on my couch. she would get up to lick her cum juice off my dick every time she had an orgasm. We switched into the doggy position and Yetunde held my hard dick and inserted it into herself from behind. It felt so tight as I pounded. Yetunde rubbed her clit as I fucked her hard from behind. Her body quaked as she fell on the couch from another orgasm. She just couldn’t get enough.

To be continued

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