House Blues – Episode 4

hb4I smiled and shook my head. I moved closer to Yetunde and pushed her back against the wall right by my entrance. I fondled her breasts violently while kissing her. Yetunde has come as a blessing in disguise this evening. Now I don’t have to wank anymore. Yetunde kissed me like she’ll never see me again. I loved the warmth from her lips as my fingers wandered down to her pant. God bless the inventor of G-strings once again.

Yetunde’s pants gave way so easily after a few touches of my finger. Her clit was virtually begging to be smacked by my dick. I wasted no time as I pressed Yetunde’s head downwards. She understood the gesture and went straight for my cock. She sucked my dick into hardness. She licked my balls. I couldn’t hold myself anymore. I lifted her up and turned her face against the wall. I raised Yetunde’s skirt and she spread her legs wider like she could not wait to have my dick inside her. The girl too spoil…lol

I pushed my dick into Yetunde from behind and it was so slippery. Then I removed my dick and started poking her clit with it playfully. She loved it and moaned until she started shaking and whining her waist in such an erotic way that my dick found its way back inside her now dripping pussy. About four deep thrusts into her cunt and Yetunde made the announcement, “Tunde I’m going to cum”. “Cum on my dick bitch” was all I could say as I pounded her harder and faster. Her legs were shaky after the intense orgasm so I had to lead her to my dining table.

I sat Yetunde on the dining table. Her legs became the red sea as my superman cock became the rod of Moses. Good thing there’s no Egyptians this time. She raised her legs high in the air as I pumped her into one orgasm after the other. I pulled out a seat from the dining set, I sat on it and beckoned on Yetunde to come ride my dick. Then I heard soft knocks on my kitchen door.

As a sharp guy, I figured that would be Cynthia, my landlord’s youngest wife. But I wasn’t expecting her to return today, even now that the landlord and other wives are back from their outing. I asked Yetunde to take her clothes and hide in my bedroom quickly as I opened the kitchen door. Cynthia pushed her way past me into my kitchen. There was a bright smile on her face. she told me she is here to make me cum. I refused by telling her I’ll be fine and it’s too risky since others are back in the house. She insisted that they’re all carried away by some Nollywood movie she deliberately rented from the video club down the street so we have some minutes.

Cynthia’s innocent smile is a huge turn on for me by now. I grabbed her waist and made her hold my gas cooker as I raised her wrapper and forced my dick into her pussy from behind. She let out a soft moan. I heard another knock on my main door. I adjusted my dick inside my basketball shorts and hurried to check. Holy shit! It was my landlord.

To be continued….

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