House Blues – Episode 37

I woke up feeling so alive the next morning. I wanted to beg Molly to extend my stay in the hospital by another day at least. I realized other patients have been awake long before me. I was looking around for nurse Tina when I noticed a note on my bedside. “You naughty patient! You’re okay now and must be discharged immediately. Get some rest but call your favorite nurse as soon as you get home”. that was the content of the note and I new right away that it must be from Tina. I smiled and tucked the note into one of my pockets. Breakfast soon came through and before I could start eating, Molly came in and instructed the nurses to pack my things. I knew I was ready to go home. All my stuff were in Molly’s car by the time I was done eating. We soon got into his car and he drove me home. We got to my house in no time and Molly dropped me at the gate because he had to rush back to the hospital.

“Don’t come back to the hospital unless you’re really sick ‘cos I know you’ve been eyeing my nurses”, Molly warned. “Gerrout!!! Mumu”, I responded playfully as he drove off. If only he knew how I spent my night. I got inside the big gate to my house and realized there’s so much pandemonium as other tenants and neighbors were in front of oga landlord’s apartment, Yetunde inclusive. There was more noise coming from the landlord’s apartment. Another domestic fight among the wives I thought as I opened my apartment and took my things inside. I don’t understand much Igbo language but I heard the landlord yelling over his voice and saying things about his first son. I heard Cynthia crying and others begging, Chief biko, were wanyo in igbo language meaning chief please, take it easy.

Yetunde had a pitiful look in her face and was almost crying when I asked her what the problem was. She told me that oga landlord caught Cynthia and Sunday his first son having sex in the generator house very early in the morning. I was shocked and cold all over. I almost felt like running away immediately before any further leaking of secrets as I heard chief was going to behead his own son with a cutlass. Sunday ran for his dear life and has not been sighted ever since. I got back into my apartment and never came out. I called Yetunde’s phone but she didn’t pick up, instead, she just walked into my apartment and asked why I was calling. I told her I was sorry about my affair with her step mom. I wanted to confess everything to her and get back in her good books.

I didn’t quite finish up when Yetunde interrupted and told me it was too late. As a matter of fact, we’re not to talk anymore after that day as the damage I’ve done is irreparable. I tried to ask her other questions but she just walked out of my apartment and banged the glass door, almost crying. I sat there in my sofa and brought out my phone to call Iya Tosin. It rang severally but she never picked up. I soon took my mind off Yetunde’s family and decided to focus on my new found nurse. I called Tina’s phone severally but she didn’t pick up too although I understand she might be sleeping after the night shift at the hospital. It was like all my females abandoned me at the same time. Meanwhile, the noise was still going on at the landlord’s apartment. I looked through my main door and saw some Igbo men in their red caps coming in through the main gate. They must be titled men from oga landlord’s village.

Cynthia’s call came in on my phone. She begged me to take my car and go wait for her at some location quite far from the house. She was in her room and packing her things already. I reluctantly agreed as I wasn’t trying to get associated with the drama going on in oga landlord’s house in any way. Half an hour later, Cynthia met me with two big travel bags and other smaller ones. I was to take her to the motor park. She’s on her way to her parents in the East. We put her things in the trunk of my car together and headed toward Yaba. Through our discussions I realized Cynthia was happy she got caught. Apparently, she’s never been happy in that marriage because her parents literally sold her to oga landlord for money. She promised she’ll be back in Lagos soon and will call me as soon as she does. We kissed in my car before she alighted and I knew I’ll fuck Cynthia over and again if we ever meet.

I was on my way back home when I checked my ringing phone. It was Comfort. “Broda, how I go fit see you? Wahala don dey o!”, she announced.

To be concluded next episode

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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