House Blues – Episode 33

I returned to meet Yetunde sitting alone. Iya Tosin left before I finished in the toilet. “How are you, Yetunde?”, I asked. She didn’t say a word for several seconds. Then, “how did Iya Tosin know you’re here? She even got here before me.”, Yetunde asked. She sounded pretty angry and I new I’ve been busted so I just acted like I’m too sick to be bothered with such questions. I laid myself in bed gently and closed my eyes while nurse Tina fixed my drip. “Oh. I see. It’s time to play dumb. Well, no problem. You two should have fun. I’m done with you”, she added as she stood up to leave. I watched her ass roll as she walked away and I knew I wasn’t done with her ass yet so I tried calling her but she just wiggled her ass and walked out of the ward.

Tina was quiet until Yetunde left the ward. She must have noticed the frown on my face while discussing with Yetunde. She asked if everything was okay. “Everything’s cool, just a little misunderstanding between friends”, I responded. Nurse Tina just looked at me in disbelief and said, “Hmm! Okay o”. I laid in bed and watched her curvaceousness as she left the ward. It has become a habit for me to watch her leave every single time. Smashing the cute nurse has been on my mind all day. Nurse Tina went out of sight and thoughts of Yetunde returned to my head. I wanted to apologize to her for fucking her step mom. I was lost in thoughts when Molly suddenly rapped my head from behind. “Oh boy! Wetin you dey think?”, he asked.

Molly was done for the day and signing out of the hospital. He won’t be back till the next morning unless there’s been an emergency. All the nurses knew me as the Doc’s friend so he doesn’t have to tell them what to do about me. The preferential treatment is my birthright any day. I offered to walk Molly to his car but he declined. He insisted I rest in bed and instructed the nurses to make sure I don’t leave my bed except for the toilet. I told him to get the fuck off as he walked out of the ward. Moments later, nurse Tina came in. She has signed out for the day too but she chose to spend some time by my bed side. She picked my phone up and asked for the unlock code. I quickly gave it to her and she started exploring my phone as we chatted away.

“So, what brought you here?”, Tina asked while pressing my phone. I told her it was just stress due to inadequate rest. I tried to paint her a picture of a very busy Tunde. “Really? What are you into?”, she asked again. I told her I’m a blogger and taxi driver. “Wow! Interesting. So you write gossips like Linda Ikeji does?” she added. It started sounding like an interview session to me so I decided to give her as much details as possible in order to avoid further questioning. She raised her eyebrows when I told her I do adult blogging and not gossips. I asked her to check on her phone whenever she’s alone and tell me if she likes the blog when next we see. She agreed and then looked into my face with a sigh and a smile. She handed my phone back to me and got up from my bed side. “Good night. I’ll see you tomorrow”, she said and left.

As nurse Tina left, I unlocked my phone screen with the hopes of playing some music to while away time. I was shocked when I saw the LTD18 homepage on display. Tina was already viewing the website while we were talking. I started thinking naughty right away. Minutes later, I clicked on the phone app in order to make a call to Molly. He was the last person I called so I simply had to use the redial button which I did. Molly didn’t come up on the phone screen, there was some random number instead. I couldn’t figure out whose number it was so I tried calling the number so I can have it properly saved in my contacts. Before I could press the green button, a text message came in from the number in question. I opened and it read;

Hi Mr Busy! I can tell why u’re here frm ur medical records. Never lie to ur nurse again. And your blog? Hmm…OK! C u 2mao! Frm Nurse Tina”.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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