House Blues – Episode 32

“You ehn! Fuck no go kill you. I’m detaining you for at least three days’, declared Molly. “Wetin happen?”, I protested. Then I heard the longest list of deficiencies about myself ever. It was as though everything my body needed to function properly was in short supply. I looked beside me and saw the dextrose bag dripping through the tiny transparent hose into my vein. “That’s the third one since last night. You slept all through”, Molly said again. Then I knew I have over-fucked myself. I started thinking of the various women I’ve fucked in the past few weeks and tried calculating how many rounds of sex I must have had. Before nko? You guessed right. I lost count every time I tried. I was there in the hospital bed watching time pass. I was already feeling strong enough to get up and start moving around but Molly warned me ahead of time to resist any such feelings as I may collapse again. Just then something caught my attention.

I watched all the nurses as they walked past while attending to other patients and realized they all look good. They’re curvy and cute faced. I was already nursing my usual crazy thoughts in my head before the last angel remaining in my conscience managed to advise me to respect myself and get my health fully restored before thinking of fucking again. I tried to take my mind off such thoughts with no success until my phone rang. “Tunde. Where have you been since yesterday? Please come home. I need to pick up and wash the flask with which I gave you breakfast yesterday”. It was Yetunde. I thanked God in my mind. “I’m at the hospital. Feeling so sick”, I responded. I could sense panic in her voice as Yetunde asked, “Why? What happened? Where are you?”. I told her to check me up at Dr Molly’s hospital. I’ve shown her the building a couple of times while we drove past the hospital.

As soon as I dropped Yetunde’s call I realized I missed a call and dialed the number back immediately. “Hello…Broda Tunde. Na me Comfort. I just wan greet you”. I told her thanks and heard Iya Tosin’s voice in the background just before I could drop the call. She snatched the phone from Comfort and yelled into it. “Look, whoever you are…”, she said before I cut in. “Iya Tosin. It’s Tunde and I’m at the hospital. “Ehn? Tunde. Kilode? Ahhh…let me call you back from my phone”, she dropped the call immediately. A nurse approached me and checked the drip. She then placed a digital thermometer around my forehead and took some readings. She asked a few questions and I answered them the best I could. But I was biting and licking my lips all the way. She turned to leave and I knew right there that three days won’t be enough for me to rest in Molly’s hospital. I will gladly volunteer myself for the whole week.

Molly must hook me up with this one, I told myself. She was slim and very pretty but she had the rumps behind her and medium sized boobs. Her thighs were glowing under the mini gown she was having on. I love thick ladies but this slim one has really caught my fancy. She walked across the ward to an elderly man in his seventies and took his readings too. I quickly called Molly and asked him to step out of his office briefly. I showed him the nurse and he hissed, “nurse Tina?”, he said. He later told me she is the newest addition to the hospital. Molly is a very bad guy just like me but from the way he talked, I’m pretty sure he’s yet to sample nurse Tina. I was there in bed for another hour before I heard the receptionist calling my attention to a visitor who’s come to see me. It was Iya Tosin.

She rushed to my bed as soon as the receptionist allowed her into the ward. “Tunde! Sorry o. hope you’re better now?”, Iya Tosin asked. We got talking and she got mad when I told her Yetunde was yet to visit me. Iya Tosin dropped a bag of beverages and gave me some money. “Eat and rest well my dear”, Iya Tosin advised as she made to leave. She had barely gotten out of her seat when Yetunde showed up. I’m still lost for words to describe the expression on Yetunde’s face when she saw her step mother beside my bed. One moment she looked like she was going to turn back and leave but then she quickly faked a smile and greeted Iya Tosin. I was pressed and needed to use the loo quickly. I got to the toilet entrance and found nurse Tina receiving a call. She stopped talking as soon as I approached.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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