House Blues – Episode 30

I watched in awe as Iya Tosin closed her eyes and spread both legs wide open for Comfort to eat her pussy. She held the maid’s head tightly against her cunt as if to let her choke on it. Meanwhile, I was getting carried away by the scene when Yetunde suddenly popped up in my head. What if she wakes up and starts looking for me? What would be my excuse for coming out from Iya Tosin’s room which also happens to be her dad’s matrimonial bed? The questions kept coming but as usual, my dick doesn’t have a brain. It just got hard from watching Comfort’s pink inner pussy while she’s on her knees sucking madam’s wet hole. I removed my trousers and stroked my cock while rubbing Comfort’s petite ass with my left palm.

I noticed Iya Tosin was carried away by effect of the maid’s mouth on her honeypot so I moved closer to Comfort and started rubbing her pussy with the tip of my turgid dick from behind. I rubbed it until she started pushing her ass into me as if to let my dick go inside her pussy. I was too experienced to allow her succeed. I knew that if I fucked Comfort first, Iya Tosin’s mature pussy would feel loose on my cock so I decided to save the maid’s tight vagina for the last. However, I didn’t stop rubbing her clit with my dick until she came. She held on to my dick with one hand right after cumming and tried endlessly to slot it into her wet snatch. “See your life? You no sabi pass to fuck”, Iya Tosin commented after watching the drama between me and Comfort.

Comfort sat her pussy conveniently on her madam’s face and was grinding her waist in order to get maximum pleasure while I spread Iya Tosin’s legs and gently pushed my cock inside her. Iya Tosin moaned and held tight unto Comfort’s arse as I began to pound her. The pleasure from my thrusts must have distracted Iya Tosin from sucking the maid’s pussy well enough, or it was just Comfort who had an insatiable appetite for pleasure. Comfort started rubbing her clit despite having her pussy eaten by madam. I just kept on pounding and feeling Iya Tosin’s fleshy pussy pulsating on my cock. She had an orgasm and begged to catch her breath. I knew it was finally Comfort’s turn to get pounded.

Our Calabar maid must have seen too many porn movies for a lifetime. She recreate the former position in which I only teased her earlier. It was a clear sign that she just wanted me to hit it from the back. Meanwhile, my dick started throbbing recklessly at the anticipation of the feeling I will get when the muscles around her wet hole grip and squeeze on my manhood. Who am I to protest? Iya Tosin’s eyes were shut and she held Comfort’s head against her pussy. I spread Comfort’s ass wide open. Thank God for the cold water I drank during dinner earlier. My saliva was thick as fuck as I spat a reasonable bit directly on her anus. She jerked at the touch of my saliva on her ass hole and looked back at me with a smile. Iya Tosin was too carried away with pleasure to notice.

Slowly, I rubbed the tip of my dick on Comfort’s anal opening until it was a sweet mess of saliva and seminal fluid. Then I started pushing it inside her. She paused from eating Iya Tosin’s pussy for a while and looked back at me with her eyes wide open. “Kilode? Sh..Sh…Shey you be virgin? Oloshi!….Tunde, help me fuck her well. Maybe it will take her mind off Ayo!”, Iya Tosin commented jokingly. I was still pushing my cock slowly inside Comfort’s ass when she made me realize her anus is way more eager than my cock for some fucking. Comfort drove her ass backward all of a sudden and I watched it all happen within a second. She pushed her ass hole such that it opened up until I could see the pinkish interior. It took the tip of my dick in first and the rest followed. Thanks to the slime I created with my saliva earlier.

I fucked her ass hard and deep. She moaned and stopped sucking Iya Tosin’s pussy. Comfort shed tears of pleasure as I pound her ass hole fast and hard, from one orgasm to another, and it turned Iya Tosin on so much that she couldn’t stop rubbing her pussy while fondling Comfort’s nipples. I grabbed Comfort by the waist and started ramming my dick deeper and harder into her. Our Calabar maid was on her way to a convulsive orgasm.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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