House Blues – Episode 29

I stepped to the door and just before I could turn the knob, Iya Tosin ordered, “Comfort! Come here right now”. Comfort replied, “yes madam” and I heard her foot steps as she raced up the stairs. I decided to stay back in the room and eavesdrop on their discussion. I knew in my mind that Comfort will be getting a reasonable amount of scolding from Iya Tosin. I just prayed gently in my mind that no form of violence is used against her. I so wanted to fuck her young pussy once more before leaving Yetunde’s family house the next morning. I stood there with my ear to the door but heard nothing until Iya Tosin banged her room door. I waited for a while before stepping out into the sitting room.

I looked around and didn’t see Comfort. i listened for a bit and I thought I heard a discussion going on between her and madam upstairs. I listened further but then I heard nothing. It was more like the more I listen, the less I hear. After about a minute, I decided to ascend the stairs quietly in order to hear more from Iya Tosin and Comfort. I was horny as fuck by this time and I knew the only way to find sleep for the night was to have a good fuck. The worst that can happen will be to fuck Iya Tosin and that’s if I don’t get exhausted from fucking Comfort first. I put my ear to the door and I could hear their soft whispers. It didn’t sound like there was a scolding going on at all.

“Oya! Comot your clothes make you go shower first. Wash your toto well o. Na everybody you wan fuck. Mtscheew! Omo Calabar jatijati!”. Those were the words Iya Tosin whispered to the maid and I was only privileged to hear because I had my ears glued to the door. I heard Comfort mutter some words in response from the toilet but I couldn’t make out what she said. I quickly descended the stairs and back to the visitors room to check on Yetunde and see how well she was sleeping. Everything looked okay so I sneak out again and back up the stairs to Iya Tosin’s door. I put my ears to the door again and I could tell Comfort was out of the shower. Next thing I heard, “come suck my toto first, then you go support am with your fingers later”. Comfort responded, “yes ma!” and the world ended.

Iya Tosin is fucking Comfort too? I asked myself. The next few seconds were quiet until Iya Tosin’s moans broke the silence. I could tell the maid’s tongue was mopping her ever horny pussy already. “Aaah…yesss…uummmh! Thank you. Please continue”, Iya Tosin moaned and groaned. I really wished I could see what was going on behind the door but the keyhole was blocked by the key at the other end. Iya Tosin went mute and while I was there listening for more sounds, my phone started ringing loudly. I tried to press the phone against my thigh in order to conceal the sound while racing down the stairs. I checked as soon as I got into the sitting room and it was Iya Tosin. I picked up and heard Iya Tosin’s door open immediately. She then dropped the call.

“Oh. So you’ve been at my door all these while? Well, I was thinking of calling you over. I have a surprise for you”, Iya Tosin whispered across the stairs to me. I guess she didn’t know I’m aware she’s getting down dirty with the maid already. I told her I would join her soon. I just had to check on Yetunde first to be extra sure she’s asleep still. She has been suspicious of me and Iya Tosin already so I had to be very careful. I switched my phone off and put it on the bed beside my snoring Yetunde and left the room quietly. A soft knock on Iya Tosin’s door and it was opened by a naked Comfort. My eyes almost popped out of their sockets from the sight of Comfort’s dangling breasts.

I quickly entered and shut the door behind me. I watched Comfort’s lilliputian ass as she bolted the door. Iya Tosin simply let down her gown beside the bed and told me to climb into bed with her. Right there she issued Comfort a stern warning. “Any day wey Oga or anybody else hear about wetin we do for here, I go kill you with my two hands. You hear?”. Comfort giggled before responding, “ah-ah! Madam I no be baby like that o”. Iya Tosin caressed her own pubes with her hand while staring directly into my eyes. It was so sexy and Comfort climbed into the bed with us. She went on her knees between Iya Tosin’s legs.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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