House Blues – Episode 28

I laid in bed beside Yetunde for a while but then I needed something to snack on before she wakes up for dinner. I heard the sliding of the glass door in the sitting room and I was excited. Finally, Comfort is here, I thought. I rushed into the sitting room to meet her but I found nobody. It was as though whoever entered has vanished into thin air. I looked around still but found no one in the sitting room so I gave up and switched the TV on. I decided to watch while waiting for Comfort to come in or appear from wherever she’s hiding. About four minutes passed and I decided to visit the boys quarters. I expected two outcomes only. Either I find her idling there and send her to get me something to eat or catch her fucking again and stay by the window to watch as I did with Yetunde earlier.

I walked quietly to the boys quarters in order not to attract unwanted attention. All lights were off but for a particular room. I tried to find my way to the back of the boys quarters in hopes of being able to peep into the only room with the light on. As I approached the corner, I spotted a figure clinging to the wall and peeping into the room already. I paused and observed the peeping tom only to find out it was Iya Tosin. She apparently left the main building earlier when I thought it was Comfort entering. I wanted to move closer to Iya Tosin so we can peep together but then she put her hand inside her skirt and started rubbing her pussy. Whatever she is watching must be so captivating so I walked toward her.

Iya Tosin was so carried away that she didn’t notice me standing behind her. She just moaned softly as she squeezed her boobs and rubbed her pussy while watching Ayo and Comfort do their thing through the window. I joined in the voyeurism and I soon realized Iya Tosin has every right to touch herself while watching the live porn going on in the boys quarters. I got hard in less than ten seconds of watching. Comfort was being doggy styled in her young anus by Ayo. His deep and long strokes made her moan so sweetly that I didn’t know when I moved too close to Iya Tosin. My arm mistakenly brushed her back and she almost fainted from shock. She was careful enough for her not to scream and blow our cover though.

Comfort enjoyed every thrust from Ayo’s long dick. I could almost feel her anal muscles pulsating on Ayo’s cock from where I stood. She started rubbing her pussy and pushed her ass further backward into Ayo for deeper penetration. She came moments after. Ayo soon withdrew his dick from her ass and made her suck on it. She took it inside her mouth and slurped on it until Ayo blew his load all over her face. She quickly got up and made for the toilet to clean up. At that point, Iya Tosin had lost control and was pulling on my belt. There I confirmed she is a nympho. She was so desperate she wanted me to fuck her right there by Ayo’s window.

After resisting Iya Tosin’s advances at the boys quarters, I went back into the main building leaving her behind. She came in minutes later with a pitiful face. “Tunde, please now…come upstairs with me. Just five minutes and we’ll be done.”, Iya Tosin whispered and begged. Right there I knew she could be highly vulnerable as far as sex is involved. Yetunde suddenly busted out of the visitors room. She looked around in her sleepy eyes like she was looking for someone. Good thing Iya Tosin got angry and climbed the stairs off to her room few seconds earlier.

Yetunde and I sat at the dining table and ate our delayed dinner quietly. She was feeling quite sleepy still while my mind was busy with thoughts of Ayo, Comfort and Iya Tosin. We finished eating and went back into the room. We were in bed chatting until I was expecting a response from Yetunde. I didn’t get a response from her so I checked and found out Yetunde has fallen asleep again. She barely woke up to eat dinner. My devilry mode got activated instantly and I started thinking of fucking Comfort again. “You and Ayo wan kill this maid today?”, came a small voice in my head. I discarded the thought until I heard the sitting room glass open and closed. Comfort was back in the main building so I hurried up to intercept her before she enters her room.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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