House Blues – Episode 27

By the time Iya Tosin entered the large sitting room, Yetunde was laying her head on my thighs while Comfort already collected the handbag from her madam and took it straight upstairs into Iya Tosin’s bedroom. We greeted Iya Tosin but she merely answered through her nostrils as she walked past us onto the stairs. Yetunde looked in my direction and I quickly dodged my eyes away from hers. “What’s wrong with Iya Tosin?”, Yetunde asked me. “Hmm…I just hope it’s not what I’m thinking”, she added. I had to ask her what she was thinking and she stated it to me that she sensed a great deal of jealousy from her step mom. And that it usually happens among females who think of the other person as a rival. I tried to change the topic of discussion but Yetunde persisted until I threatened to leave if she doesn’t stop the crazy insinuations.

That was all we heard from Iya Tosin that morning. She went into her room and never came out till later in the evening. Meanwhile, it was a fun day for the rest of us as Ayo returned earlier with a couple of friends for breakfast. Yetunde and I soon joined them in the boys quarters and we had a swell time watching movies. Comfort didn’t miss out of the fun either. It seemed more like having sex with Comfort that morning was her initiation rite into Yetunde’s family. Ayo on his part was glad with the level of acceptance we gave Comfort. I know he must be expecting some severe scolding for the maid but it never happened. Instead I asked Comfort to get us drinks and she was so free that she entertained us with some dancing after watching movies with us.

Between me and Yetunde, we were curious about what Iya Tosin has been up to. Yetunde went to the main building and returned moments later to confirm that Iya Tosin was deeply asleep. We both know how deeply we sleep after our breathtaking bouts of sex so it was easy to conclude that Iya Tosin had been out fucking all night. The more I tried to persuade Yetunde to think otherwise, the more her suspicions about me and Iya Tosin grew. But really, I wasn’t expecting Iya Tosin to be fucking elsewhere despite how well I’ve been giving it to her lately unless she’s a hopeless nymphomaniac. We soon discarded the discussion and continued in our banter with Ayo and his friends until Iya Tosin came to the boys quarters to call Comfort.

Iya Tosin’s eyes were swollen like she’s been sleeping for years. She wouldn’t have slept that deep and long even if she attended a church vigil for three straight nights. Obviously, I’m not her only fuck buddy I thought. The day started getting dark and Ayo’s friends were leaving so we all decided to take a stroll together. After dismissing his friends, Ayo suggested that we visit the neighborhood bar together. We were there for the rest of the evening and didn’t get home until it was almost 10pm. We had fun and drinks but the major reason we stayed out late was the thrashing Manchester United received from Chelsea FC. It was well worth the wait.

As soon as we got into the house, Yetunde fell on the large sofa in the sitting room and dozed off. The alcohol we’ve consumed all day has taken its toll on her. Meanwhile, Comfort served dinner for me and Yetunde. After that, she went into the boys quarters with a tray of food for Ayo. I had to wait until whenever Yetunde wakes up in order to have dinner but she was snoring lightly already. It can only be hours before she wakes up. I waited for Comfort to return from the boys quarters so I can ask her to get me some snacks to hold my tummy until Yetunde wakes up. She never returned so I was thinking of going to the boys quarters in hopes of bumping into them having sex again. I heard footsteps descending the stairs and it was Iya Tosin coming from her bedroom.

She smiled at me as soon as she got close enough to confirm that Yetunde was fast asleep. She showed me the guest room and even helped in tidying the duvet. “You can wake your sleeping girlfriend and bring her in here when you’re ready to sleep. Just know you’re fucking me too tonight. I’ll call you much later”, Iya Tosin said. She asked about Comfort as she climbed the stairs back to her bedroom and I told her she took food to Ayo in the boys quarters. “Food indeed”, Iya Tosin responded. She just hissed and climbed up the stairs. I woke Yetunde up and led her into the visitor’s room where we’re to pass the night. She fell into the bed and resumed her sleep right away. Comfort crossed my mind again.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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