House Blues – Episode 26

Comfort moaned as Yetunde began to fondle her breasts real good while licking her nipple at the same time. I got hard immediately but I didn’t want to jump the gun. I was waiting for my invitation. Yetunde must have been carried away by Comfort’s younger body. She forgot there was a third person in the big living room as she indulged herself in the pleasuring of the young maid’s body. Yetunde raised the maid’s gown to reveal her fresh butt. She had no undies on and that must have been since the last night when she slept with Ayo in the boys quarters. I watched Yetunde corrupt the young maid’s body with the most seductive touches ever. Comfort moaned helplessly until Yetunde started fingering her pussy. At this point I started rubbing my bulge through my Ralph Lauren denim trousers.

Yetunde sniffed her hands and looked at me. She winked at me to come over. I moved closer to the two and Yetunde put her fingers around my nose for me to sniff. Comfort’s juice smelled pretty good. She must be neat down there I thought. I’ve never seen Yetunde so dominant as she carried Comfort’s slim body and laid her on the big sofa where I was sitting earlier. Comfort was in total surrendered and left her body to be pleasured as much as Yetunde wanted. She was ready. I, on the other hand was so eager to pound her teen pussy. I want to watch my hard cock stretch her pussy walls while she begs for mercy. Yetunde pulled her own jeans down and signaled me to eat her pussy from behind while she spread Comforts legs wide apart and bury her head between them.

Yetunde moaned as I ate her pussy. She in turn transferred the pleasure to Comfort. By now, Comfort was a princess willing to be devoured by the King cock and Queen cunt at the same time. I stopped sucking Yetunde’s pussy and started to finger her while watching Comfort’s face. Our eyes met and I winked at her. She smiled back at me and I knew what I had to do. I pulled Yetunde’s jeans further downward and inserted my dick into her moist pussy. She moaned and I pressed her head further into Comfort’s pussy. She got the full wrought of my dick while eating the maids teen cunt. I hit Yetunde’s pussy faster and harder until she came. Immediately, I removed my dick from her pussy and asked Comfort to come suck madam’s juice off it. She obeyed.

I looked into Yetunde’s face as Comfort swiped my dick clean with her tender tongue. Yetunde was rubbing her clit toward another orgasm. I told Comfort to get up then I sat in the sofa and told her to sit on my pole while facing me. I tried to check Yetunde’s reaction to my gesture. It turned out she was cool with it. Besides, it won’t be our first threesome together. Comfort gently eased my sweet pole into her tight twat and I grabbed her little ass firmly. I stroked her deeply from under and she screamed and moaned loudly. Yetunde was busy having orgasm upon orgasm fingering herself. I grabbed one of Comfort’s tits between my lips and started sucking on it. Her pussy walls started pulsating around my dick so I tried to push it deeper inside her. A short but sharp scream escaped from her mouth as Comfort came on my dick.

I asked Yetunde to switch positions with Comfort. I wanted her to cum on my dick too but she resisted. She just moved closer and asked Comfort to sit on my dick again. But this time, Yetunde held my stiff cock and started rubbing the shiny tip on the maid’s ass hole. My eyes instantly moved across from Yetunde’s perverted face to Comfort’s and I found pleasure written in both. I wanted to ask Yetunde how she knew Comfort could take my cock in her ass but the kinky maid just closed her eyes and slowly allowed my throbbing cock sink deep into her ass hole. “No small pikin for dis world again o”, I told Yetunde as I ravished Comfort anally and without remorse. She loved it and would randomly rub her pussy whenever she’s having an orgasm.

Yetunde took charge of my cock after a while and it didn’t take long before I came inside her ass. Comfort was looking exhausted but she had a graceful smile on her face. It looked more like she’s been gifted a few million Naira that morning. We all cleaned up and the house became so lively right after. Yetunde stopped bullying the maid and even assisted her in completing some chores. I knew Yetunde has just found herself a sexual pet in Comfort. But I really think the maid is too sexually exposed for her age. The main gate flung open and Iya Tosin came through. She’s back home from wherever she spent her night.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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