House Blues – Episode 25

Yetunde made us leave home as early as 5:30am the next morning. She must be obsessed with her brother. She wanted to get to the house early enough to make him some breakfast. The roads were free and we got to Yetunde’s family house in no time. I parked my car outside as we did not want to disturb anyone’s early morning sleep. The pedestrian gate was open so we walked through and I followed Yetunde as she led the way to her brother’s apartment in the boys quarters. Just a few steps away from the boys quarters we heard soft moans. Yetunde turned around immediately and signaled me to stop. Then she tiptoed toward the sitting room’s window. She peeped for a while before signaling me to join her.

Ayo is equally blessed with a long cock and not just his basketball height. I’m yet to meet Yetunde’s father but I’ve been told he’s a tall man too so I understand. From the way the new maid was moaning and begging, fuck me…fuck me…fuck me, I could tell she was either from Akwa Ibom or Cross River states. As early as 6am in the morning, our bad kid brother Ayo made a seventeen year old maid hold on to the water dispenser while thrusting her young pussy with his long cock from behind. I noticed I was getting a hard on watching the two. I looked beside me and found Yetunde’s left palm subconsciously rubbing her breast. She must be carried away by the sight of her brother plowing the maid so intensely.

I tried to pull Yetunde away from the window so that we go into the main building without interrupting the two fuck buddies but she refused to leave. She was evidently enjoying her voyeurism. I had no choice but to wait with her. I watched the young maid take Ayo’s long and filling strokes deep in her vagina. She had that painful expression all over her face like she was getting more than she bargained for but then she was begging to be fucked harder. She would rather die than not experience the sexual pleasure to the fullest. A sudden silence from the maid and her shaky legs made me realize she was having an orgasm. Ayo followed suit moments later with his shaky legs and hard thrusts. He was about to cum.

“Ayo! Don’t cum inside her”, Yetunde yelled from the window where we stood peeping. Ayo and the maid spotted us immediately and wore their clothes with the speed of light. Ayo walked toward the door to open for us with a mad expression on his face. The maid ran past us into the main building the moment the door got opened. “Oh boy! This smallie get boobs o”, I said to myself while watching her busts swing invitingly as she sped away. Yetunde and her brother argued for a while on who to and not to fuck and I realized Yetunde was being over protective of Ayo. I silently wished it is nothing beyond sisterly love because I sense she was turned on by the sight of her brother’s dick more than anything else she saw.

Ayo walked out of the compound angrily and didn’t return for a long while. We soon entered the main building and Yetunde sped up the stairs to greet Iya Tosin. She came back disappointed. She then yelled at the maid. “Comfort!!! where madam dey?”, she asked. “Madam no come house yesterday. Na dis morning she go come Ma”, Comfort replied. I looked at Yetunde and our eyes met. We both suspected Iya Tosin must have been away cheating for the night. Or, what other reason will a married woman have to sleep out overnight while her husband is away? Come here! Yetunde yelled at Comfort again. “You wan dey deceive my brother with these two things wey you carry for chest abi?”, Yetunde asked her while pointing to Comfort’s slightly oversize breasts.

“No ma! Na broda Ayo talk say make I…”, she didn’t finish up her statement when Yetunde moved closer to her and raised her right hand. She took one on Comforts nipples between her fingers and kneaded it softly. “Body dey sweet you abi?”, Yetunde asked again. “Mmmmsss….no Ma!”, the maid responded. The extra sound could only be attributed to some level of pleasure. I just laid back in the sofa and watched them. Yetunde extended her playing with Comfort’s nipples and I started hearing uncontrollable soft moans. Yetunde started fondling Comfort’s breasts and next thing I saw, she brought them out. “Tunde. Please help me bolt the main glass door for a while”, Yetunde begged. I love such errands so I quickly bolted the door and returned to my seat. Yetunde started licking Comfort’s nipples.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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