House Blues – Episode 23

I knew I had an appointment with Yetunde for the night so I wasn’t going to indulge myself with Cynthia despite her nipples protruding through her silk gown. I started playing holy and preached to her. I highlighted the risks involved in fucking her at that time of the day but she didn’t budge. She even told me it will end up in a threesome if Yetunde bumped into us fucking. “If only you know what Yetunde is doing right now, you won’t even think about her at all”, she said. My eyebrows went up subconsciously. “Ehen? Na only you sabi fuck?”, she added as she pushed me into bed. Cynthia handed me my phone. “Call Yetunde now and see if she will pick up”, she challenged me.

I dialed Yetunde’s number and it rang through. She didn’t pick up. By this time Cynthia was already on me. I redialed the number and Cynthia was licking the tip of my cock. Yetunde didn’t pick up still so I tried a third time. “The number you have dialed is currently switched off…”. That was the response I got before I crossed my heart. “Yetunde is such a bitch”, I said to myself. The anger I felt, and the persuasion from Cynthia’s tongue on my dick got me super hard in no time. I was ready to fuck Cynthia if it’ll help me get over the feeling of being played by Yetunde. How can a girl I rushed home to meet ignore my calls because of another man. Cynthia said Yetunde returned with a hunk shortly after we both left in the morning and they’ve been indoor ever since.

I was ready to disappoint Yetunde for the night so I pulled my pants down and gave Cynthia full access to my cock. She gladly took the whole length deep in her throat. It felt really good and I realized how much sweetness I’ve been missing by ignoring Cynthia. One moment I was persuading her to desist from the abominable act but the next moment I’m willing to plunge deep into her honey pot and dig the pleasures that lie within. Cynthia sucked my cock into hardness in no time. Her warm mouth made my dick throb so good that I couldn’t wait to penetrate her pussy with it. Cynthia has so watched my porn collections that she behaves like a real porn star whenever we fuck. As she sucked my cock she had her other hand rubbing her pussy.

I didn’t want her to stay in my apartment for too long so I quickly laid her on my bed and inserted my super charged rod inside her pussy. Tears rolled out of Cynthia’s eyes as she got caught up in cloud nine courtesy of my master strokes. She moaned softly but creamed so hard. She hugged me tight and pressed my body into hers as though she wanted more than my dick. I’m very sure oga landlord doesn’t have a tenth of my pounding power so it must feel like heaven for Cynthia to have sex with me. I stroked her pussy deeply and she got more careless and louder with her moans. We heard a knock on my main entrance and I dashed to the sitting room to check who it was.

Yetunde, with a broad smile on her face was standing akimbo with a quite handsome young man to her right. I wouldn’t have opened my door but they have spotted me through the glass door already. Yetunde had a disappointed look on her face. There’s been no power all day and I was so sweaty from pounding Cynthia who’s waiting for me in my bedroom with her pussy wet and open. Yetunde knew me too well and she was sure I was at work with some female in my room. She quickly dismissed the pitiful look on her face though and introduced the young man. “Tunde, meet Ayo, my brother. He returned from school today and has been with me the whole time. He is going home now so we will see him when we go to my family house later in the day”.

We shook hands and exchanged pleasantries before Yetunde dragged him out of my presence and saw him off to the bus stop. I could tell Yetunde would return to verify who the female was for sure. I rushed back into my bedroom with a stern face. “You lied to me. That boy is Yetunde’s brother. Why?”, I asked Cynthia. She was speechless and just as I was going to kick her out of my apartment Yetunde entered and came directly into my bedroom. “Hmm! I’m not surprised. Well, have fun”, Yetunde said as she turned to leave. Cynthia bolted out of my bed and ran after her.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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  1. At least you could have given yetunde some benefit of doubt.. Girls and their crazy ways when they want dick sef…
    More pussy to tunde’s dick.

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