House Blues – Episode 19

Her pussy was super slimy as I drove the full length of my shaft inside her. Both legs were on my shoulder as I thrust in and out of her warm hole. She moaned and scratched on the duvet as I pound her with no iota of mercy. I fucked Iya Tosin with the strength of a hundred stallions and her pussy showed adequate appreciation by cumming over and over again on my dick. “Yes o! Tunde…right there…harder…please don’t stop….mmm…oussss….aaahh, I’m cumming again”, she cried. Iya Tosin is a big time trash talker. She went on and on until I withdrew my dick from her pussy and told her to suck her juice off it. I made her lay on her tummy and supported her loin with two pillows such that her ass was shooting out and staring up in my face.

I rammed into her from behind and she screamed loudly again. I almost thought I poked her kidney with my dick from the way she tried to run from my dick. I quickly grabbed her waist and began to pound her fast and hard. Iya Tosin lost control and brought the duvet totally off the hotel mattress. I loved what I was doing to her. I could swear with my life that Iya Tosin will not be needing sex for the next few days and even when she does, I’m going to be just a phone call away. Her mature body is such a huge turn on for me any day. Iya Tosin’s pussy soon started creaming as I fucked and made her juice splash all over the hotel mattress. “Tunde, you have destroyed my pussy ooooo”, she cried again as she reached another prolonged orgasm.

I started feeling Iya Tosin’s pussy wall getting firmer and tightening on my dick. I spread her ass with my hands and my dick probed deeper inside her now messy cunt. She moaned loudly again, this time it was like I just discovered a new ground inside her pussy. She screamed and whined her waist so good that it got me really close to ejaculating inside her. “Iya Tosin, I’m going to cum”, I said subconsciously. Just then she tightened her pussy muscles on my throbbing cock. That was it. I blew my hot sperm deep inside Iya Tosin’s vagina. It felt so good I didn’t want to ever remove my dick from her pussy. I laid there, my body on hers and we were both exhausted. “Tunde, get up”, she said and I suddenly realized we’ve both been sleeping for a while. It was almost 4pm.

We rushed into the shower and soon got dressed and ready to check out of the hotel. Iya Tosin has overstayed her supposed market time. She suddenly remembered her phone has been inside her bag all these while. She checked and there were notifications on her screen. Several missed calls from her husband and a few messages. He has been so worried about her. I immediately offered to drive Iya Tosin home or close to her area at least. She instantly agreed and we checked out of the hotel. It was a hectic drive through the Lagos evening traffic as the commercial bus drivers were at the peak of their irrational driving game. Iya Tosin slept off half the time in my car. She was obviously tired and exhausted.

She got off my car and bade me goodbye. She stopped a bike and was about to mount it when she looked back and said, “Tunde, wait. Please manage this for now, I will call you tomorrow” while fumbling through her large handbag and pouring some notes on my front passenger seat. I appreciated it and we both smiled at each other as I drove off. It has been such a fuckful day for me and I started picking up the notes Iya Tosin poured in my car. I arranged and counted ten pieces of one thousand Naira notes. It’s all good I thought to myself as I scouted for passengers on the road sides as I drove slowly home. I couldn’t help but think about Iya Tosin’s sweetness. She has a fabulous body for her age and the sweetness of her pussy is unmatched. I just hoped she has a convincing excuse for her husband when she gets home.

I soon found a passenger who was going to Mile 2 and decided to roam around the Festac area after dropping her off until around 8pm before heading home. I got home in no time and settled myself in. My phone vibrated and I checked. A text message came in from Iya Tosin. It read, “Thanks for killing me today. Please kill me again tomorrow at same location. The idiot is on night duty again”. I sighed.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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  1. Tunde don buy market…
    Funny thing is no mayyer how much you seem to destroy a girl’s pussy today, she still return tomorrow…
    Just a few run at the mention of one’s name anywhere..
    Women and prick equals bread and akara

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