House Blues – Episode 17

“Tunde, how are you?”, Iya Tosin asked as soon as she picked up the call. “I’m fine ma”, I responded. She said she so wanted to talk with me on phone the night before. Yetunde’s dad was away on another night duty at the hospital and she had to spend the night alone. “Memories of my short encounter with you won’t let my vagina stop dripping”, she added. “So, how do you feel now ma?”, I asked. Iya Tosin then replied in a seemingly angry and frustrated tone, “woo Tunde, you will have to make out time for me o jare. Body no be wood and my body cannot take it anymore. Doctor hardly has time for me these days. It’s night duty all the time. Please help me joor….ti e o ni baje”. She further told me she really enjoyed what I did to her with my joystick the other night and would kill to have more.

I told her it was entirely up to her and she asked about Yetunde. Iya Tosin was of the notion that I and Yetunde had something serious going on between us, but I was quick to tell her we’re nothing but neighbors who just happen to be sexually attracted to each other. She even felt more comfortable after that and opened up to me about her guilty conscience. Iya Tosin was thinking she fucked her step daughter’s fiance all these while. I realized my dick was getting hard from our conversation and I started stroking it gently. It got so hard in no time. “Are you alone now?”, I asked. “Yes my dear”, Iya Tosin responded.

We began talking dirty on the phone and I flashed Iya Tosin’s memory back to the other night at the boys quarters. She so wanted more of that night. I told her how I will like to eat her pussy until she begs me to fuck her the next time we meet and she soon started moaning over the phone. I told her to move the phone way down to her pussy while she fingered herself into extreme wetness. Iya Tosin’s pussy sounded like a kid playing in the mud. Split-splat! Split-splat! The sound went and I could tell she was having a good time. I stroked my dick too as she told me all the naughty things she will be doing to me soon. Iya Tosin must be such a vixen as she came over and over again from the phone sex.

She told me to fuck her like a teenager. She likes it hard and rough. In my mind I wondered why most of these women like it hard and rough…especially the seemingly feeble ones. I had pre cum seeping out of my dick cap and it flowed down my shaft unto my palm. It made things so slippery and the stroking of my throbbing cock became way easier. Iya Tosin told me to squeeze her nipples hard that she’s about to cum. I was ready to cum too so I started stroking my cock faster and harder than ever. “Tunde I’m cumming again”, she announced. “Cum on my dick baby”, I responded as my legs convulsed and I also came hard with my sperm all over my palm and navel. Phone sex with Iya Tosin was so much fun.

I got up from my bed with the phone still glued to my right ear and Iya tosin still yapping away about her erotic fantasies with me on the other end. I was cleaning my sperm off my hand when I had an incoming call. It was from an unknown number so I didn’t pick up. I realized Iya Tosin was playing with her pussy again as she started some discreet moaning. She soon stopped like she was disappointed or distracted by something I don’t know. “Tunde, let’s meet this afternoon. I’ll be going to the market and I will have about two hours to spare. I’m done using my fingers”’ she said.

We ended the call and the unknown number started calling again. I picked up and it was a client who needed my Taxi service instantly. I raced into the bathroom and took a shower. I got dressed and was out of my house in about thirty minutes. I got to Gbagada and picked the middle aged man up. I took him to Billingsway in Oregun and had to wait for him for about an hour. While I was waiting in the car Iya Tosin’s call came through. She was heading toward Alade market to buy fabrics for some upcoming family party. She asked me to scout for a good location in the Opebi area as we will be having our rendezvous there in a few hours time.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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