House Blues – Episode 12

“Tunde, you have done so much for me since yesterday. How will I pay you now?”, Alhaja asked. I didn’t know how to charge her either because I enjoyed every bit of Alhaja’s pussy. It was so fresh and rich. I was still thinking of the amount to charge when Alhaja reached for a small box in her handbag. She opened it and brought out one of the several gold chains lined in it. She handed it over to me. “Here, you can have this”, she said. I was quite shocked as I collected the gold chain from Alhaja. The piece is worth way over a hundred thousand Naira from the thickness. I honestly would have asked her for around fifty thousand Naira for all the services I rendered, taxi and gigolo inclusive. “Alhaja, please call me anytime you need me”, I said as I left the hotel room. I started my engine and was about to drive off when a call came in.

Alhaja called me back into the hotel room to pick up a Prada leather belt she figured I would really like. She bought it alongside her gold goods from her trip for sale. I thanked her and offered to test it right there in her presence before leaving. She helped unbuckle my belt and undid my zippers. The wetness of Alhaja’s tongue greeted my dick cap on the right nerve endings. “Fuck no go kill me for this life wey I come”, I said to myself. My dick was senseless as usual and got super hard despite me feeling the need for a rest from sex for a day at least. I held Alhaja’s head and deep-throat her with my dick. Her saliva drooled all over her lips and chin as it went down her cleavage. She sucked my dick like it would be her very last time. I just stood there and enjoyed the moment until she got off the bed to remove her robe.

I climbed into the bed and laid on my back. Alhaja joined me and was going to sit her pussy on my erect dick when I grabbed her thighs. I used them to support myself as I positioned my mouth right under Alhaja’s pussy. She moaned as I licked her vulva and clit simultaneously. Alhaja whined her waist in my face as I licked every juice that came out of her pussy. She was obviously enjoying it as she begged me to push my tongue deeper inside her wetness. I focused my tongue and lips on Alhaja’s clit for about fifteen seconds and then the earthquake of the century began. Alhaja screamed loudly in a heavy convulsion as she came and squirted all over my face. She got up to catch her breath but I only gave her about five seconds.

I made her go on fours and entered her from behind. I smacked Alhaja’s ass harder than ever. I smacked it like you’ll do a cheap whore. She loved it and asked me to smack her harder. I smacked and fucked her from one climax into another. Alhaja was so loud with her moaning but I did nothing to caution her. Besides, we’re in a hotel room so, who cares? She came severally until she was exhausted and laid flat on her tummy but I was still fucking her. “Please cum inside my fat pussy”, Alhaja begged. Few seconds after, I blew my load inside alhaja’s pussy though I could tell it wasn’t much due to my previous fuck session with Amina. I rushed into the shower to wash Alhaja’s pussy juice off my body. I dried myself up and left the hotel.

On my way home I thought of how I spent my day and was full of questions based on my discussion with Amina earlier. I wondered if all she said about her boss and Mrs Coker were the truth. She claimed both women and most others in their league have an insatiable appetite for young men like me so I should watch out for their advances. But then she told me Alhaja was way different and always advising others against their extra marital affairs. Little did she know that Alhaja has joined the band wagon and is presently consuming the forbidden fruit like a glutton. I got home, parked my car and entered my apartment. I was settling in when Mrs Coker’s call came in.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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