House Blues – Episode 11

My phone rang minutes later for Alhaja to inform me that Mrs Coker was back in her shop. Amina and I immediately alighted from the car to meet her. “How is your baby doing now?”, I asked. “Oh! Tunde, he’s a lot better, I moved him to the family hospital already. He’ll be fine by evening. And I’m so sorry to have kept you waiting”, she responded. Although she looked quite stressed up. I just had to give her some encouragement. “It’s okay Mrs Coker, boys will always be boys so such accidents are inevitable”, I said. “Very true”, she replied. She further chipped in that her little boy has been a handful since the dad’s demise and then I knew Mrs Coker recently got widowed. Amina handed over the jewelry box to Mrs Coker for a closer examination. She was satisfied with the content and put a call through to Alhaja. They chatted for a while and the call ended.

“Do you have another job or it’s just a full time taxi thing for you?”, Mrs Coker asked. I told her I’m into a lot of other stuff for money but the taxi driver job is the most exciting for me as it affords me the opportunity of meeting new people everyday. People like herself and Alhaja of course. “Oh really? I was gonna say you’re more coordinated than an average taxi driver. “Thanks Mrs Coker”, I responded.  My eyes met with Amina’s eyes all of a sudden. The look in Amina’s face was nondescript but it sure meant some level of disapproval as I chatted with Mrs Coker. We exchanged cards and “I’ll sure give you a call whenever I need a taxi ‘cos I don’t drive always”, Mrs Coker said as I exited her store’s wide fancy glass doors.

“What was that look about?”, I asked Amina as soon as we were alone in the car. “That woman will fuck you from the way she was licking her lips while talking to you”, she said. “Like I don’t know”, I responded. Amina was unable to hide her jealousy. It was so obvious I had to poke her with it several times on our journey back to Alhaja Badmus on the island. She barely knew me for up to six hours and is already feeling so connected. Amina had been so quiet afterwards and I was thinking of a way to distract her from her thoughts. I pulled over at a fuel station to refill my tank and I asked Amina to come with me into the mini mart right inside the fuel station. We got some snacks and drinks, then we window shopped for a while until Amina told me she was pressed.

The salesgirl showed us the way to the toilet and I followed Amina to the door. She rushed in and I heard her urine poor loudly into the toilet bowl. She washed up and I was waiting for Amina to come out of the toilet. I waited several seconds and she didn’t come out yet. I was going to tell her to hurry up but then I heard something strange. Amina had started playing with her twat and was moaning softly in the cubicle. I got hard immediately. I tapped the door softly with the tip of my fingers to remind Amina that I was really close by. She didn’t respond but continued pleasuring herself with her fingers and moaning away. “Are you ready to fuck me now?”, she suddenly asked from the cubicle. I simply replied, “open the door!”.

I wasted no time in bringing my ready cock out of my trousers. I bent Amina over and made her go low enough to hold the toilet lid. Her pussy lips instantly smiled at the shiny tip of my cock. I rubbed it on her vulva until it was slippery enough for my excited joystick to slide deep inside her. Amina moaned and suddenly jerked her waist back. I found my dick almost halfway inside her now slimy pussy. She moaned as I moved closer to her until my full length disappeared deep inside her. Her legs were shaking as I slowly thrust her pussy. It was supposed to be a quickie but we were there for almost ten minutes. She had several orgasms and I came inside the toilet bowl. We got to Alhaja about an hour later.  Amina handed me my phone. “Thanks Tunde”, Alhaja said while waving to bid her  friend goodbye. We got into the car and headed back to the hotel room. Alhaja Badmus sat on the bed as soon as we got in.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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