Happy InDICKpendence

Hello fans, or should I call you family? You have all been amazing and congratulations to all Nigerians on another inDICKpendence day celebration. If you didn’t fuck or get fucked today then you’ve been sitting on a looong thing. As for me, I’ve had a swell time and as a matter of fact I can’t wait till tomorrow to share how I celebrated my day with you all. Chichi is sleeping in bed beside me as I type this entry into my diary for you to read. She passed out from the DICKscipline she received from my magic stick. I met her earlier this morning on my way out for the day’s hustle.

I didn’t have any reason to lock myself behind doors all day due to the October 1st celebration so I decided to take my taxi out for a spin. My fuel tank was close to reserve so I had to use the ATM and get some cash for fuel and other stuff I need for the day. I got to the Skye Bank nearest to me and the queue at the machines was longer than the river Nile. I’m a thorough Lagosian so I lacked the patience to wait for the queue so I scanned for any friendly faces in the front of the queue. Seconds later I found this light skinned beauty. She was just three turns away from going into the ATM gallery. I quickly moved closer to her. She looked my way instantly as I stood beside her and I greeted with a smile. She responded but with a straight face. I’m sure other guys on the queue must be thinking I’m such a womanizer to be asking a random lady out on the ATM queue.

“Please I need you to help me, I have an emergency”, I whispered while squeezing my ATM card into her left palm. “3482 is my PIN. 10k. Thanks ”, I added. She didn’t say a word and I knew her silence means she’s doing me the favor. I stepped aside and scanned the queue to see all the eyes on me and i could tell some of them knew what I was up to. Minutes later, the lady went in and soon came out. She headed straight toward me and handed me my card and ten thousand Naira as instructed. I was more than grateful. I thanked her and we went our separate ways. I stopped at the fuel station to fill my tank.

I was yet to have breakfast so I thought meat pie and a bottle of Fanta will hold my tummy until I can get the appropriate meal so I stopped over at Mr Biggs to get something to snack on. “Hey! You again”, I exclaimed as I saw the same fair lady that helped me out at the ATM earlier. She was carrying a huge decorated cake in her hands and was about to leave. I begged her to wait so I got my order and we both left the fast food. “Thanks for the other time. You saved me almost an hour there you know?”, I said. She was all smiles and told me it’s nothing. She said it’s actually her birthday and she’s on her way home to celebrate with family and a few friends. I offered to drop her off since her place was just some fifteen minutes drive away. “What about your emergency?”, she asked. I had to confess to her it was just a gimmick to make her assist me without hesitation. “Mtscheew…wayo man”, she responded as we both entered my car and drove off toward her house.

I wished her a happy birthday and independence day too as we joked and chatted our way to her house. I offered to play her a birthday song from my stereo. My iPhone was already paired so I went straight for Jeremih’s Birthday Sex and played it for her. Chichi as she told me her name was started blushing and biting her lips subconsciously. She asked why I chose the song I was playing for her and I told her it’s the best I could give her at the moment plus a pretty lady like her won’t have a complete birthday without the S.E.X. “Unfortunately I don’t have a boyfriend to give me that”, she responded. We soon got to her place and I gave her my card. I left and got a few passengers until I was good enough to return home this evening.

Chichi called me around 6:45pm to tell me she kept my piece of her birthday cake so we hooked up. Since then we’ve been at a neighborhood bar drinking and consuming barbecue. We decided to go to my house around 8:30pm and one thing lead to the other. We started kissing and caressing each other until we found ourselves in my bedroom. Chichi came with no underpants. She said she knew she was gonna fuck me from the time I played that song for her in the car earlier. Sex was the only thing missing in her birthday and she was determined to get it with me. I fingered her pussy briefly and stylishly sniffed it without her knowing. It was odorless.

I settled my face between her legs and started licking her honey pot. Chichi is such a sweet moaner and I loved her body movement as I pleasured her genitals. She held my head tight against her vagina until she came in my mouth. I licked her pretty thighs and the area around her pussy till she begged me to give her my dick. I was about inserting my hot rod inside her vagina when she said “not so fast” and took my cock in her mouth. She teased my cap with her tongue until I could take it no more. My dick became so hard till the veins on it became so swollen and obvious. I laid her on my bed, spread her legs and pushed my rod down all the way into her slippery cunt. We’ve been fucking since then and she has come severally. We just ended the third round and my bedspread is all messed up with her pussy juice and squirt.

I can tell chichi won’t be going home tonight from the way she’s deeply asleep in my bed. I hope she likes it when she reads this post in the morning. I’m yet to tell her I’m a sex blogger though.

Do you think she will be cool with my writing about her? I await your comments below. Until then I wish you all a happy and fuckful 57th inDICKpendence day celebration.


This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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