Driving Lessons – Episode 8

I ignored the first few knocks in hopes that they will get tired and leave but that wasn’t the case. Whoever was at the door was sure I was home at the time. I tucked my hardness between my legs and tried to make it get limp before I reached the door. I had shown Becky into my bedroom so everything appeared normal. “Who’s there?”, I asked. “It’s your neighbor, Bella. I need to see you quickly”, replied Bella in very fine American English. “why the hell will this lady choose this time to see me despite knowing I was inside with a chubby beauty?, I asked myself. I opened the door and, “Damn! Bella, you’re ravishingly beautiful”, were the first words to leave my mouth. Bella wore a pink gown on pink sandals. She was wearing an Afro wig with a pink head band carrying a pink rose flower on it. Her make up was more of a bridal train standard. I dragged her inside my apartment right away and we started making out in my imagination before I returned to reality. Bella was trying to pass a message. “Tunde, that your babe fine o. Abeg make I meet am na…I promise to make you smile”, Bella whispered. I was carried away by Bella’s looks and composure that I agreed to her request without a second thought.

Bella and I stood beside each other in my sitting room when I called Becky out of the bedroom. Becky came out quickly like she’s been standing behind the door all the while and I didn’t know. I was about to whisper to Bella to make it snappy so I can get on with my own groove when she grabbed my ass. I looked in Bella’s face and noticed shock so I traced her eyes all the way to my bedroom door. Apparently, Becky didn’t know I came in with Bella although I was going to mention it. She came out of the room naked. “Oh! I’m so sorry”, Becky quickly apologized and returned into the bedroom. “Sorry, I just wanted you to meet my neighbor”, I yelled before Becky emerged from the room again, this time with my bed spread wrapped around her body. She smiled like nothing just happened and shook hands with Bella. Bella’s waffy pidgin English suddenly disappeared and all I could hear was a black American talking as they both exchanged pleasantries. From Bella’s body language, I could tell she was flirting with Becky. I started using my brain immediately. Bella has no men in her life that I know of except for her female friends who come visiting every now and then. I came to a conclusion immediately. Me beautiful waffy neighbor is either bisexual or a hardcore lesbian.

I kept my thoughts to myself and cleared my throat, “hmm-hmm…Bella. I’ll see you in about an hour. Is that okay?”, I asked. “Yes Mr Tunde. Your girlfriend is beautiful. I’ll see you later in the day”, Bella responded as she walked toward the door. I followed her in order to bolt my door from behind but something took my eyes to Bella’s ass. It rolled as she walked and I felt like making her touch her toes immediately. I imagined the feel of her pussy flesh on my cock and I got super hard immediately. Becky walked back into the bedroom and as soon as Bella was outside my apartment. She turned round, gave a thumb up and whispered, “Walahi Tunde, If you get understanding, we go run things for this compound big time. That girl set die”. Bella looked from my face down to my waistline. I deliberately pushed the door further open and she sighted my huge bulge. She swallowed saliva but then she almost frowned as she walked away from my apartment. Right there I hatched a fucking plan and I titled it IMFB aka operation I Must Fuck Bella. If Bella will have anything to do with Becky, then she must fuck me first. As a good businessman, I know how to use what I have to get what I want. I bolted my door and returned to my bedroom.

Becky was laying flat on her tummy when I entered. I could notice her big ass moving in a grinding motion. The bedroom was dimly lit so I had to move closer before I could see Becky’s right hand rubbing and fingering her pussy from under. “Wow!”, I said as I moved closer to the bed and Becky turned around. She showed me her fingers and they were all drenched in her pussy juice. She said, “this is what you get when you keep me waiting”, before she rubbed my nose and lips with her wet palm. Her juice smelled so good and I took it as a sign that Becky was wet and ready for some dicking. I told her to turn around again into the former position and as soon as she did, I was between her legs rubbing her thick thighs and playfully biting her ass cheeks. She found it ticklish and giggled until I spread her ass cheeks wide open and swiped my tongue from her clit up to her ass hole. Becky jerked immediately my tongue touched her ass hole so I lingered there with my tongue a little longer and it was more like I hacked into Becky’s system and got her password. She helped me spread her ass wider so I can have easier access. I licked her ass and rolled my tongue, pushing it inside her anus as far as I could go. Becky sprang up all of a sudden and grabbed my dick.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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