Driving Lessons – Episode 7

We quickly used the shower together. Tinu held my still hard cock all the way until we got dressed with hopes of getting more thrusts. I promised her she’ll have me to herself the whole of the next day and she reluctantly agreed. I dropped her at the most convenient bus stop and raced back home. Becky would be at my place in about thirty minutes time. I quickly adjusted my apartment again and got rid of Tinu’s pheromones in my bedroom. I lit my Chinese incense candle again and let it burn much longer this time. Meanwhile I was having some eggs boiled in the kitchen. I took a loaf of bread I bought earlier and a can of sardines from the fridge. I mixed the sardines with some margarine until it formed a paste. I made several sandwiches with the paste while adding rings of sliced eggs in the middle. I cleaned my toaster and began toasting the sandwiches. After the first set of toasts, a very sweet aroma filled my house. The atmosphere in my dimly lit apartment felt like the making of a blockbuster porn movie set. I started fantasizing on what I’ll do with Becky when she arrives. The thoughts in my head were getting me hard already until a knock came from my door. “Really? Becky couldn’t have entered the main gate without calling me first”, I thought. I opened my main door and there was my neighbor Bella.

“Mr Tunde. Abeg make we enter so you go fit give me that thing fast”, she ordered. I looked back at Bella and asked her as politely as I could, “what if we do this nice and really slow?” At the same time I was winding my waist like Usher would in any of his seductive dance moves. “See you…mtscheew. Abeg give me the money fast make I go collect other tenants own”, Bella quipped as she playfully pushed her way into my apartment. She was going round the various apartments to collect the cleaner’s money for the month and decided to start with me. Bella paused as soon as she entered my sitting room. “Mr Tunde. Abeg wetin you dey cook wey dey smell like this?”, she asked. I told her I was just toasting bread and Bella suddenly wasn’t ready to leave my apartment in a hurry. Becky would be around in a few minutes so I decided to rush Bella a treat. I reached for a foil and wrapped two toasts in it. I handed it to Bella with the money she came for and she left immediately. Bella is the most notorious neighbor in the premises. A woman in her late thirties but not married. I have never seen her with a man either. I’ve tried seducing her a few times but Bella is way too playful. My phone rang and it was Becky. She’s at the gate.

“Oh my God! I thought you were beautiful last night”, I said as I opened the gate to behold Becky’s voluptuous beauty. Becky is a head turner any day. Thick, curvy and light skinned body with a pretty doll face on top of it all. I looked to the left and right of my street before closing the gate and I caught almost all eyes staring at me and Becky. I knew I just got myself a very flashy model type girlfriend. As I opened the door to my apartment for Becky, I took a last look around and I could see my neighbors staring too. Bella winked at me from afar and I winked back. I asked Becky to have a seat as soon as we entered my sitting room. “So, tell me the truth Tunde. Are you seeing Janet?”, Becky asked before I could pour her a glass of juice. “Her father only appointed me to teach her how to use her new car but it’s quite obvious that Janet wants more than just the driving lessons”, I responded. Becky rolled her eyes and said, “It’s okay as long as I get my share of that sweet pole of yours”. We chatted about the previous night for a while until Becky told me she was actually planning to take me to the hut for a shag. It’s unfortunate the other couple beat us to it.

“We’re in my hut now. What are you going to do?”, I asked Becky. She moved closer to me and we began to kiss. We kissed like we were truly in love until our hands started groping. Her hand found my bulge and she played with it through my jeans shorts. My hands in turn were kneading her nipples which were hard and protruding through her fancy cotton shirt. I kissed away from her lips and licked her neck. She moaned and tried to push my head away like the pleasure was too much for her to handle. I insisted and planted my lips firmer on her neck and slowly licked to her ear. “Y..you’re killing m..me baby”, Becky managed to utter. I squeezed hard on her breasts while slowly undoing her shirt buttons. My taste buds were eager to know what her breasts taste like. Becky pulled my shorts down before I could unhook her last button and my ready cock fell out in its royal hardness. Becky licked her lips and swallowed a lump of saliva at the sight of my dick. She squeezed and stroked it with both hands and it felt really good. I couldn’t wait to feel her saliva all over my cock. I raised her up by the chin and planted my lips on her nipple like a suckling baby. There was a knock on the door.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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