Driving Lessons – Episode 65

It was exactly a week when Janet came running to my house. Work became hectic for me since I had to cover up for Janet. Chief won’t let her work with him anymore. I barely had time for the girls except for Bella who would sneak into my apartment once in a while. Janet looked disturbed as she found a seat. “what’s the problem?”, I asked. “Tunde, dad is not going to let me carry John’s child in his house. He is forcing me to go to the UK. He already told my aunt I’ll be staying with her for some time”, she said. In my mind I was like, “shoo! Spoilt child. Isn’t she supposed to be happy with her dad’s decision? What if he merely kicked her out?”.

Chief called me the next morning. “Tunde, please, you need to take me to the airport this evening”, he said. After ending the call, Janet called too. I could tell she was crying when she said, “Tunde, I’m missing you already”. I asked her to come over and we fucked like we were going to die the next day. Janet took all of my sperm from the three rounds deep inside her vagina. She even took one of my T shirts with her. “I wish I met you first instead of John”, she said as she shed some more tears. I took her home and helped her pack a few things. We made it to the airport and Chief handed me the keys to his house as they both left for the UK. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I left the airport and called Tinu. She was so excited. She said she was home so I drove to her place. Tinu then told me more about Chief’s plans. Janet is not to return to Nigeria until after having the baby. Chief actually wished the pregnancy was mine. He would have happily organized a wedding for Janet and I. Tinu became so touchy after a while and sparked up some lust between us. We kissed for a while until Tinu got up to remove her clothes. Her pussy was dripping by the time I entered. I fucked her pussy vehemently. She moaned, groaned and scratched as she climaxed. Tinu held my dick in her hand and slowly pushed it into her anus. “Does Chief hit you in the ass too?”, I asked. “Hmm…his favorite hole”, Tinu responded.

Two days later, I was in Becky’s house. We were out for the evening in Chief’s Range Rover. After a good treat and some drinks, Becky felt good enough to leak some secrets. “Tinu is pregnant for Chief. That’s why she asked me to come over the last time. She is not brave enough to face an abortionist but she doesn’t want to be stuck with an old man either”, Becky said. Becky went further to tell me Chief has made passes at each and every one of Janet’s friends that cared to come around. “I don’t blame him though. Man must pour his seeds somewhere”, I responded. I looked Becky in the eye and asked, “did you fuck Chief too?”. Becky looked away and said, “only once”.

Chief didn’t return from the UK until after a week. Janet and I spoke on phone every single day. However, our call sessions never ended without either phone or video sex. Becky later told me I’m her dream man, one who is sexually liberated. We soon became an item although I wasn’t sure of walking down the isle with her. Our threesomes with my sweet neighbor Bella never stopped. Tinu on her part will never stop being a bad ass. She would visit Chief and still give me a quickie in any corner before leaving. I did my best with Chief’s business and he has been very impressed so far. He has promised me an all expense paid vacation to any country of my choice. Now I’m thinking France. Don’t ask me why.

The End.


I say a very big thank you to all who followed this long series through to the end. I’m also deeply sorry for the times I delayed with the updates. It was all to make the blog better and garner more experiences to thrill you with. A new series begins tomorrow, LAGOS YAHOO BOY. It promises to be more thrilling. May your hard dicks and wet pussies never lack pleasure. God bless us all.

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This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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  1. So about 3years after this story was written, I’m just here reading it with lots of imaginations in my head… You’re a super great writer bro….. Even in my wildest imagination, I can’t survive that kind of daily Marathon sex. Na Man u be.

  2. I’ve completed like 3-4 stories on this blog, I wish the blog can be updated regularly

  3. You are a good writer. Reading this story made me stay away from nairaland, Instagram and my TV. I’d just go to the beach and read till evening. You are the best.

  4. This story is very interesting, it has giving me knowledge on make a woman squit and give her maximum pleasure. Thumbs up for u, keep it up

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