Driving Lessons – Episode 64

Tinu was shocked and speechless. She just stood there frozen to the spot. Chief must have heard Janet’s voice when he rushed out of his room. He was shocked to see not just Janet but Becky and myself in his sitting room so early in the morning. Apparently, Chief had called Tinu over the moment he was sure Janet would be sleeping out. Once again, I saw that jealous look in Becky’s face but she quickly concealed it. “Dad, why?”, Janet quipped. Chief Obi didn’t budge. He merely walked Tinu to the door and bade her goodbye before returning to us. “Tunde, bawo ni?”, Chief asked me in his Igbo accent. I told him I was fine and he greeted Becky too. Chief then asked, “to what do I owe this unexpected visit?

I cleared my throat and began to speak. Several parables poured out of my mouth and then I knew I had to stop watching the Africa Magic channel. Chief on his part became quite impatient and cut in, “look, Tunde. If any of you has offended me in any way just say it. After all, I did not kill John who made away with my hard earned money”. Chief was in good spirits that morning. Tinu must have done some great things to his system all night. Finally, I summoned the courage to spill the news. “Sir, as we talk, Janet is pregnant”, I said. Chief looked quite excited as he eyed Janet from head to toe. “How many months old is the pregnancy?”, chief asked. Janet stared at the floor tiles as she answered, “six weeks”.

Chief then turned to me and asked, “so, what are your plans?”. He must be thinking the pregnancy was mine. I met Janet only about a month ago. But we’ve fucked too many times than some couples would in a year. There was silence and a puzzled look on my face. Janet then helped me out. “Dad, John is responsible”, she said. The mixture of disappointment and anger in chief’s face was enough to create a nuclear weapon. “umph! That bastard. You see what I’ve been telling you?”, Chief quipped. Janet went on her knees immediately and Becky followed. I joined them and explained to chief Obi, “that’s why we’re here with her. She knows she has wronged you sir”. Chief got up and entered his room.

Becky and I looked each other in the eyes. I just hope this man hasn’t gone in to bring a rifle as they do in those nollywood home videos, I thought. Minutes later, Chief emerged from his room. “No problem, just start packing your belongings. You cannot disgrace me any further. Tunde, Becky, thank you so much for showing concern. I can handle the rest of the matter from here”. Chief went on and on and I could tell he was bitter in his heart. At some point he almost cried. I had to move closer to him and pat him on the shoulder. Becky hugged Janet to stop her from shedding those seemingly endless tears. Chief soon returned into his room and Becky said she was leaving. “No Becky. Please let me go with you”, Janet begged.

The only sounds in my car were those of the engine and the traffic report from the car stereo. I couldn’t tell what the girls were thinking but mine was Tinu. The only person I could have suspected would do such was Becky. Once more, Tinu caught my fancy. They say getting caught is a bitch but Tinu was a bad girl. I began to play back several memories with her. Days she’ll come to fuck me with her anus already gaping. She probably just gave it to Chief and only came to me for the orgasms. I remembered Janet and Becky have had reasons to look up to me financially on a few occasions. Tinu would spend her own money instead. Chief must be paying her real good. Becky’s phone rang and broke the silence. She reluctantly picked the call.

“Becky, please we need to see right now”, came Tinu’s voice from the other end. Becky got angry. “no! I don’t want to see you”, she answered and ended the call. Janet then begged Becky, “For the sake of the one thing we’ve shared without Tinu as friends, go meet her. I need to hear whatever she has to say”, she said. Becky agreed.

To be concluded next episode…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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  1. I’m good fam. And yes I noticed the new face of the site. Skipped my mind while commenting. It’s lit. Na hangout group remain. We are getting there. Leggo!

  2. Ah! Omo this stories 62 to 64 na die.. I didn’t see the Chief part coming. Abeg make we hear wetin tinu sef wan talk.. All of una dey burst my brain.
    BTW, how you dey bro? Nice stories.. no let the updates tey o…

    1. thanks a lot fam…i’m doing great. hope you like the new look of the site? i promise not to delay your updates. a new series starts tomorrow. ‘Lagos Yahoo Boy’ promises to be more exhilarating.

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