Driving Lessons – Episode 59

Janet kept going round and round on the matter. She was just too reluctant to spill the beans no matter how understanding I portray myself to be. I was practically begging Janet to say whatever it was. In my mind, I wanted to hear “I’m carrying your baby” so I could spit out my well rehearsed venom speech. I lifted Janet up from the floor and told her to be seated. Janet couldn’t look into my eyes as she managed to begin her sermon. She stuttered at first but gained composure with every word that followed. “I’m sure you know by now that I have a very strong feeling for you”, she began. My face got squeezed automatically like I’ll pounce on her. She’s yet to say what I’ve been waiting to hear so I kept my cool.

Janet later gained her confidence and didn’t care about my facial expressions to whatever she was saying. “I heard your conversation with my dad. So I’m your sister now?, she asked. “Well, that depends on you my dear”, I responded. Janet shook her head and disappointed me. “John, the runaway manager and I were having an affair. He was still my boyfriend all the time I was seeing you until he traveled out of the country”, Janet confessed. In my mind I was like, “Ehen! Na now you dey talk”. It was quite difficult for her as she shed some tears while talking. “I seem to lose control easily when it comes to the opposite sex. That’s why I couldn’t get my mind off you since the driving lessons began”.

“I knew I was gonna fuck you from the very first moment I set my eyes on you. That day my dad introduced you to me, you would have noticed me blushing endlessly. I wasn’t excited about my new car or the driving lessons. It was more about your cuteness and composure. I pictured myself in your arms immediately”, Janet said. She didn’t spare any detail. I got to find out Janet was the reason chief Obi didn’t have any of his boys living with him in his mansion like a typical Igbo businessman would. Janet had slept with several of them in the past and they got dismissed as a result. She got pregnant at some point and her mom had to take her for an abortion. The second pregnancy, she went for an abortion on her own. John’s was the third mistake.

Janet broke down and cried endlessly. It was more like an alter call in church where a sinner was seeking repentance and forgiveness. I was quite sure Janet was thinking about her life after school for the very first time. It took me a while to console her. She was in my arms and still trying to tell me more despite her shaky voice. I told her to relax for a while. She could go on later when she felt much better about herself. Janet chose to continue with her confession. Her mom had died in a bus accident on her way back from Abuja. She was coming to cater to Janet after the second abortion which had complications. Chief’s doctor confirmed everything was okay with her womb and other vitals despite the excessive bleeding. Janet thought the doctor merely said that to keep her from worrying.

She was glad when she got pregnant for John but he changed since the news. It happened John never really loved Janet. He was merely fucking her to keep his job and furthermore to have access to chief’s money. Chief saw through it and warned Janet but she started to date John secretly instead. She would cover up for him whenever chief and John had issues. The soft spot for John was too much I had to ask if they ever knew John before the employment. “John was the best friend of my late elder brother. We lost him to a mysterious illness while my dad was at war with his family. There was a feud over several acres of land in the east”, Janet explained. I could easily relate as I’ve lost a dear friend under similar circumstances too.

The story was getting too long so I asked what Janet wanted from me. Would we still be fucking as brother and sister? Janet then cleared her throat. Her previous confessions have made her mood lighter and she felt freer to tell me any and everything. “I fell hardly in love with you that I planned to impose John’s pregnancy on you. I tried to tell you severally but my conscience wasn’t dead enough”, Janet finally confessed. Funny thing, I began to like Janet the more. I heaved a sigh of relief. “Enough confession for a day. Let’s continue later”, I said. We moved closer and hugged each other like a brother and sister would. We lingered in the embrace much longer. I was getting hard. Next thing we began to kiss.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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