Driving Lessons – Episode 58

Becky loved what she was doing to Bella’s anus. Both ladies got so carried away that it was easy for me to adjust myself into a more convenient posture without being noticed. I held my dick in my hand and began to stroke it. Watching Becky in her full lesbian glory gave me a steel hard erection. Bella soon began to rub her own pussy. She groaned like a man and Becky increased the intensity of the anal plug. I couldn’t bare it anymore. My dick was so eager to join in the fun and pillage both pussies into countless orgasms. Becky smacked Bella hard on the ass and made her suck on the dildo for a while. Bella began to fuck herself with the dildo from under while Becky fucked her in the ass. I stroked my cock fast and hard as I watched Bella climax.

They switched positions and Bella took charge. She licked Becky’s pussy so good that Becky’s moans could almost be heard from the next apartment. Becky held Bella’s head tightly against her pussy. Bella stopped sucking Becky’s pussy as soon as she realized Becky was on the verge of an orgasm. She then picked up the dildo and slowly pushed it deep inside Becky’s expectant cunt. Bella fucked Becky’s pussy slowly and licked on her clit at the same time. It didn’t take long before Becky screamed loudly and came. They changed positions again and this time it was sixty-nine. Their moans filled the room as they licked each other from one orgasm into another. There I was, under Bella’s heap of clothes with my cock throbbing in my palm. I decided to join in.

Becky was on top of Bella. She was busy eating Bella’s pussy when I slowly pushed the heap of clothes to the side. I let down my pants and took off my shirt. Despite being busy licking Becky’s pussy from under, Bella noticed me as soon as I moved closer. She paused and smiled. I held my hard cock and pointed it to Becky’s pussy. Becky shuddered as soon as my cock touched her pussy. She looked back in shock. “Tunde! When did you enter?”, Becky asked. Bella chuckled and told Becky I’ve been around for a while and was in hiding. Becky grabbed my cock and shoved it into her pussy from behind. I began to pound her while Bella licked on her clit from under. Becky moaned loudly and non stop until she came and squirted in Bella’s face.

They switched positions and Bella came on top. I fucked her pussy from behind and Becky licked her clit from under too. Bella begged me to fuck her faster and harder. I held her by the waist and pummeled her pussy with some aggressive thrusts. “Oh my gawd! I’m going to squirt”, Bella screamed as she squirted all over my cock and Becky’s face. Her bed spread became so messy we had to take it off immediately. We laid another bed sheet and Bella made me lay on my back. She began to lick my balls while Becky sat on my dick and rode me slowly. Bella’s tongue shuffled between my balls and Becky’s anus. Becky increased her pace and slammed her pussy hard into my cock until there was another gush of squirt juice. She baptized my cock and pubes with it.

Becky got off my dick and Bella took over. She rode my dick for a little bit before coming to sit on my face. Bella ground her pussy against my lips as I sucked on whatever came in between. Becky seized the opportunity to give my dick a good licking. Bella returned to my cock and this time it was in her ass. She bounced on my erect cock until she came. Becky looked like she had enough as she didn’t attempt to fuck me anymore. Bella continued riding my joystick. Her anus began to tighten on my cock and it felt so good. I was about to shoot my load so I pushed Bella off but she sat her ass back into my cock immediately. I grabbed Bella’s waist and came hard into her anus. We cleaned up and Becky left with me for my apartment.

It was a fun evening as Becky entered my kitchen and cooked some heavenly fried rice and chicken. We ate and watched movies before Becky decided it was time for her to leave. Bella told me she has had too many orgasms for a day and was going to sleep. I was all alone in my sitting room when Janet called to say she was on her way to my place. “What is it this time?”, I asked. “Nothing much. Just something I need to tell you”, she responded. It didn’t take long before Janet got to my house. She looked quite worried. I figured she must have had some argument with her dad. Janet went on her knees all of a sudden. “Tunde, please I need you now more than ever. Don’t turn me down. Please” she begged.


To be continued…


This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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