Driving Lessons – Episode 55

After getting to chief Obi’s house, Janet and I decided it was time to let chief know about his absconded manager. Surprisingly, chief wasn’t so moved. Instead, he was mad at Janet. “You let your emotions cloud your sense of judgement”, he said to Janet. Chief Obi then turned to me, “Tunde, I really appreciate your efforts. John won’t make away with my money if Janet had listened to me”, he said. Chief had always suspected John was up to something and warned Janet. Apparently, her love for John’s dick wouldn’t let her see through his plans. It appeared John had been dating Janet for her father’s wealth and looking for a chance to strike. He finally succeeded since chief took ill and was unable to monitor him as usual.Janet couldn’t stop crying.

I left for my house after all the accounting was done with chief Obi. Janet called me on phone about thirty minutes after I got home. She was coming to my place to see me. “We have a lot to talk about”, she said. Bella must have been on the lookout for my car because she came in shortly after my phone call with Janet ended. I knew Bella wanted to fuck me again but I had to decline. She looked quite jealous when I told her I was expecting a visitor. Bella couldn’t help but ask if my guest was a female or not. She looked disappointed as she walked back to her apartment. Janet came in minutes after and Bella followed. I knew she only came to see who the female was. Bella took one of my DVDs and left.

Janet begged me to work with her dad as one of his managers, just like John. All through the begging, all I could see was her trying to tie me down. Once I get the job, there’ll be a bonus attached; her pregnancy. I told her I’ll think about it. She smiled hopefully but then I knew I never liked to work under anyone. I’ve done that in the past but working for myself always pays more plus I get to decide my work time. Janet soon got up from her seat and came to sit right beside me. I knew her next move would be to make love but I was done with her. Janet knew me too well so she touched me in every of my weak points. I almost lost it at some point when she kissed my ear. Then I excused myself.

I Got into my toilet and quickly sent a message to Bella. Janet kept asking why I’ve been turning down her sexual advances lately. I told her to search her mind and she’ll know why. Meanwhile, Bella came knocking on my door. “Oga landlord talk say he wan see everybody for the compound now-now”, Bella announced. “Oh! Really? I’ll be right there”, I responded. It was my opportunity to dismiss Janet. Janet soon decided to leave so I could go for the meeting with my landlord. I walked her to just outside the gate where her car was parked. Chief’s call came through as soon as Janet was seated in her car. “Is Janet with you?”, he asked. I told him she was at my place briefly but on her way home already.

Janet drove off and Bella joined me at my entrance. We entered my apartment together. Bella then looked in my face like a sulking baby. “What’s the problem?”, I asked. Bella then pulled down her bum short. “My pussy has been wet for hours now and my ass hole won’t stop being itchy either”, she said. “Then, give it a scratch”, I replied. Bella moved closer to me and rubbed my dick through my pants. It got hard instantly. “Exactly what I need to put my holes in order”, she said. Bella’s nipples were hard and pushing against her top. I kneaded them intermittently between my thumb and index fingers. Bella released my cock from my pants and began to suck on it. Bella stopped sucking me all of a sudden.

She told me Ekene was leaving for Delta state that afternoon. She wanted us to fuck inside her apartment after Ekene is gone but I was so hard already. My throbbing dick would explode if I don’t stick it in her pussy immediately but Bella insisted. As a matter of fact, she left for her apartment immediately. Moments later I peeped through my window to see Bella exiting the main gate. It wasn’t long before Ekene came knocking on my door. “Broda Tunde, I dey go Delta state today o”, she said with her usual seductive look. Ekene was looking quite different. Fine fitted ankara gown and light makeup made her look like a young model. She told me Bella was out to withdraw some cash from the ATM. I concluded Ekene had come to me for a goodbye fuck.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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  1. Ekene sef na werey.. but e no bad Sha.. drill her asshole so bad that it is still gaped by the time she gets to Delta.

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