Driving Lessons – Episode 52

Bella pulled Becky closer and they began to kiss. I took the anal plug in my hand and tried to push it into Bella’s ass gently. Bella caught my hand. Wham! She pushed the anal plug in. She let out a soft moan and asked, “why do you think I have it?”. I pushed the plug deeper into her ass while I continued fucking her hyper sensitive pussy. Before long, Bella had another orgasm. I picked the pouch from the sofa and passed it to Becky. She opened it and smiled at the sight of a dildo. She sat on the sofa right beside me and Bella. After sucking on the dildo for a while, Becky began to pleasure her pussy with it. Moans filled the atmosphere. Another orgasm and Bella passed my dick to Becky. Becky quickly positioned her body for the doggy.

Becky was almost crying as I pillaged her pussy from behind. Bella leaned back and licked Becky’s cunt juice off the dildo before proceeding to pleasure herself with it. Becky begged me to fuck her harder. “Tunde please make me cum again”, she said. Then I gave it to her like it’s something I owe. I spread her ass wider and my dick went deeper into Becky’s honey pot. A few thrusts more and, “Aaargghhh!! oooh! Shit!”, Becky screamed as she had one long orgasm. Her legs began to shake right after. She began to talk a lot of thrash that I’ve not understood up till now. Bella laughed like a villain and I knew what it meant. It simply means fucking has just begun in our compound. Ekene’s was mere child’s play.

One more orgasm and I had to leave Becky with her shaky legs. Bella then laid on her back and raised both legs. Her pussy stared at me in the face and my dick throbbed in response. I went on my knees between her legs and began to rub my dick on her twat. It was Bella’s turn to moan and beg me for a fuck. I teased her until she could take it no more. Then I slapped her swollen clit with my hard cock until Bella screamed and squirted all over the place. She looked like she was satisfied but I wasn’t done yet. I rubbed plenty oil on my dick and poured more on Bella’s pussy. The oil was so much it trickled down from her pussy to her anus. I quickly intercepted the oil at her anus with my dick.

In the process of rubbing oil into Bella’s anus with the tip of my cock, Bella pushed her ass up toward me. The tip of my cock slid inside her ready ass hole. Little by little, my turgid pole began to drill its way into Bella’s ass. Becky watched in awe. A little while later, Bella was moaning away as I ravaged her ass hole with my vein filled cock. She screamed, scratched and begged to be fucked harder. Bella began to rub her pussy as I fucked her ass. Becky joined us by sucking on Bella’s nipples one after the other. “Oh shit I’m going to cum!”, Bella screamed. I pumped her anus harder and faster. Bella came and squirted all over my navel, pubes and cock. “Tunde, I swear you no be human being”, Bella commented.

Both ladies tried to make me cum to no avail. Result of too much fucking. Only my hand can finish the job. I laid on my back and asked Becky to kiss my ears while Becky sucked on my nipples. I oiled my hand and began to stroke my cock with it. Minutes later, sperm sprouted from the tip of my cock and Bella caught it with her mouth. She licked it all up and we all entered my bathroom. We took a long shower where we almost began another round of sex. The time was almost 4:30am by the time we returned to my bedroom. Bella bade Becky goodbye and left for her apartment. That was after announcing to us that she’s leaving her toys and oil behind just in case we need them again. I didn’t last five minutes in bed before sleep came.

Becky woke me up around 9am in the morning. She was mad at herself for missing an eight o’clock appointment with a prospective employer. I, on the other hand ran into the shower and got dressed. After dropping Becky off at a convenient bus stop, I rushed to the car wash. The Range Rover became sparkling clean and I sped off to Janet’s house. I expected to see an angry face when I get to her. Then it dawned on me that I did not get any missed calls from Janet. She must be mad at me for turning her down last night, I thought. I got to the gate by 10:06am. After blaring the horn severally, Romanus came out to open the gate. His eyes were puffed and sleepy. I drove in only to realize Janet was still asleep. The main entrance was still locked.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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  1. Awon oloshi meji… Dem don fuck each other to stupor. Make Dem sha gather get the belle ni o.. Nice one fam. Thumbs up.

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