Driving Lessons – Episode 50

By the time I was done fucking Becky and Bella, it was almost 2am. Bella passed out long before I was done cumming on Becky’s boobs. Becky took a shower and fell asleep too. I couldn’t sleep and my mind was busy thinking about Janet’s threat. “Is she trying to commit suicide or what?”, I asked myself. Moments later I found myself sneaking out of the house. I couldn’t drive chief’s Range Rover at the time of the night so I drove out in my own car. I sped to Janet’s house. So many thoughts ran through my head on the road. Then it dawned on me that Janet might be calling because she was horny. I had to ask myself, “what could be the very stupid thing she was gonna do?”.

A street away from Janet’s house, I parked my car. I strolled to the gate and knocked softly but there was no response. Then I knocked a little harder but no response still. I figured Romanus the security man was fast asleep so I decided to call Janet’s phone. She picked up almost immediately and I told her I’m on my way to hers. I could almost swear I heard some panic in her voice from the way she said, “oh! Really?”. I turned to return to my car but then I heard sounds of the sitting room door. Looking through a small hole in the gate I saw Romanus. He ran to his post with his security uniform in his hands. Janet then followed. She instructed him to open the gate for me once I arrive. “Yes Janet”, Romanus replied.

I quickly walked back to my car and drove to the gate. Romanus opened up before I could get out of my car to knock on the gate. I drove in and met Janet waiting in the sitting room. She looked anxious so I asked her what the matter was. “I felt like I would die before morning if I don’t see you. Tunde, I’ve fallen so hard in love with you”, she confessed. I sat there speechless and didn’t know where to start. Nothing good can come out of my mouth if I decide to talk so I just kept mute. “How can she love me if she’ll push another man’s pregnancy on me? She even just fucked or was about to fuck the security man before I got in”, I thought to myself.

My curiosity wasn’t satisfied so I leaned forward to kiss Janet. She kissed me back reluctantly, more like she was trying to prevent me from discovering something. Janet smelled different. I took my hand down between her legs and wanted to finger her but she held my hand. Janet begged to take a shower before we do anything. I knew she wanted to wash the mess Romanus has caused in her pussy before I get there. She went into the shower and I quickly sneaked out to see Romanus. He was inside his security post. He has this bad habit of soliloquizing. I put my ears to the window and heard him talking. “I no know why dis one no dey sleep for im house sef. E no let me finish wetin I dey do now”, he said. Seconds later, he said more.

“From now on, I no go dey call am madam again. Na she kuku say make I dey call am Janet”, Romanus added. Right there I knew Janet was fucking Romanus before my arrival. Fucking big cock addict! I sneaked back into the sitting room and waited for her to return from the shower. Janet was all smiles as she came to sit on my lap. She smelled so fresh and so clean. But I found her irritating for the very first time. “Who will marry a woman who can’t even take charge of her sexual urge for just one night?”, I asked myself. “Well, I wasn’t thinking sex when I came here. I thought it was something more serious or about chief when you called me”, I said. Janet grabbed my arm as I stood up to leave.

Janet must be suspecting I discovered something because she began to ask questions. One of such questions was, “is there something you’re not telling me?”. I left her questions unanswered. Her conscience should judge her until the day of reckoning comes. “Tunde, it’s almost 3:30am. Where are you going?”, Janet asked. “Oh! So you know it’s late now. I bet you thought it was afternoon when you called me over around 2am”, I replied. “For now, let’s just make sure your dad’s business is in order until he leaves the hospital. We can discuss love and other matters later”, I added. I picked my car key from the table and left. Romanus opened the gate and I drove out. Becky was alone when I got home.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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  1. I no go shock if she no even sabi who give her belle. E sure me say no be today she don dey fuck romanus.. but then, I dey look in HAD how she wants take lie when time reach.

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