Driving Lessons – Episode 5

Before Janet was done removing her jeans, I already pushed my trousers way down to my knees. She was eager to sit her wet and ready pussy on my cock but I held her by the waist and teased the entrance of her pussy with the tip of my hard cock. I rubbed her clit intensely for about a minute and Janet’s pussy started dripping. She begged for me to let her sit her pussy on my manhood. I wanted to tease her much longer but the feeling of her dripping wet cunt on my dick made me desire her the more. Janet shut her eyes as she lowered her body into mine. I could tell the muscles in her pussy were filled with joy as my turgid cock tore its way through to the end of her hole. Janet moaned and shuddered uncontrollably. I wrapped my arms around her as she slowly moved up and down on my erect pole. It’s true that slim girls have the deepest pussy. Janet’s pussy swallowed the full length of my cock with every thrust. At some point she increased the pace, then she started grinding her waist on top of me. All these while her pussy walls were holding and squeezing hard against my dick. I grabbed and tore her ass cheeks open with my hands while pushing my dick up further inside her pussy. Next thing I felt was an eruption. I literally burst a bag deep inside Janet’s pussy with my throbbing cock.

Janet felt a little relaxed after cumming on my dick. She wanted to get off me but, “not so fast. Don’t be selfish”, I told her as I pushed a button and adjusted the driver’s seat into a mini bed. We switched positions and in no time, Janet was laying on her back in the driver’s seat. I spread her legs open and lowered myself into her. Few thrusts away and Janet raised both legs higher up in the air thereby making my dick go deeper inside her pussy. Janet moaned and screamed as I gave her one deep thrust after the other. She scratched and bit my chest severally but I was enjoying the way her pussy pulsated around my cock so I didn’t care. I pounded Janet hard until she ruptured another nut. Her legs were shaking vehemently as I felt spasm upon spasm of her pussy muscles while Janet poured her cunt juice on my happy joystick. I made her go on fours right after that and slowly inserted my penis into her now stretched and slimy pussy. Janet raised her ass up in a way that signified she was ready for more hardcore pounding. I grabbed her by the waist and fucked her pussy violently from behind. She loved it and came on my dick once more. Her pussy became so slimy and sweet that I felt my manhood was about to explode. I withdrew my dick and came on Janet’s cute ass.

We got dressed and slept off in the car right after. My phone started ringing and I woke up to find some random number on the screen. It must have been ringing for a while because it stopped just before I could pick up. I checked the time and it was almost 5am so I gently patted Janet’s shoulder. She woke up and I blared the car horn loudly until the gate-man opened up. I drove her in and parked the car. We bade each other goodbye and Janet promised to call me later in the day. I got into my car and drove home. I got home in no time and laid in my bed watching TV while reminiscing on how I spent my night. I didn’t quite like that I didn’t have Becky’s number on my phone but I’m glad Janet made it to my fuck list. I picked up my phone and checked the number that called me earlier. I decided to call it back and I was happy when she picked up. “Hello Tunde, I was quick to memorize your phone number earlier, that’s why I called you”. Straightaway, I figured it was Becky and I was so excited that I started yapping away over the phone. We talked for about fifteen minutes and I was glad when she asked for my address as she will like to see me later in the day. That was after I have assured her that Janet is not my girlfriend and doesn’t even know where I live.

I was fulfilled and fell asleep right after the call. I woke up again around 10:30am and was washing my car when I had an incoming call. It was from Becky as I already saved the number on my phone. I quickly picked up and she told me she was at the bus stop. I asked her to take a bike after giving her my street name and house number. I rushed into my sitting room and lit up my Chinese incense candle for about two minutes. I put the candle off and let the flame and sweet scent fill up the atmosphere. My phone rang again and I knew Becky was at the gate. I got to the gate and I was surprised, “what is it? Did you just see a ghost?”, Tinu asked with an impish smile on her face. “will you let me in or what?”, she added. I walked Tinu into my apartment and she started yapping away as usual. “sorry to disappoint you. I knew you were making moves on Becky last night but she wasn’t quick enough to get your number without me noticing. I stored it in my head and decided to call you. I know you like girls and I’m here now. Are you going to kick me out?”, Tinu said as she playfully walked back to the door as if to leave.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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