Driving Lessons – Episode 49

Finally, the D day is here. I get to fuck Bella’s sacred pussy. I rubbed Bella’s ass and squeezed on it. She moaned while eating Becky’s pussy. Then I spread her ass cheeks with my hands. Her anus didn’t look like a virgin one in any way. Her pussy was fat yet her clit was obvious. It must have swollen as a result of my touch on her ass. I went on my knees and spread Bella’s ass wider before proceeding to eat her pussy. Bella’s voice was so masculine as she groaned instead of moaning. I’ll easily agree she’s a transexual if she ever traveled anywhere near Europe or America. Bella dominated Becky and sucked her to several orgasms. My apartment was full of moans and groans that night.Bella also came twice.

We switched positions and I laid on my back. Becky was quick to have my dick in her mouth. Both ladies passed my erect cock from one mouth to the other before I asked Bella to come sit on my face. I took her to heaven the moment her clit touched my lips. The way I swiped my tongue from her clit up to her ass hole made her cum instantly. Bella recovered from the orgasm and took charge of my dick with her mouth. Becky got up and removed every piece of clothing and jewelry she was having on. Bella got up and did same. While I was busy admiring Bella’s mature but voluptuous body, Becky sat her wet pussy on my cock. Becky rode my long pole while Bella kissed her. Bella sucked on Becky’s nipples and it made her cum on my dick real quick.

Becky got off and it was Bella’s turn to ride my dick. Bella sat on it quite reluctantly but she lost control right after. Bella wiggled her waist and bounced up and down while I grabbed her ass with my hands. Bella’s pussy was super slimy. Although her pussy muscles were squeezing on my cock, her slimy cunt juice made my thrusts easier. It was a dream come true for me as Bella came on my hard cock twice consecutively. Both ladies began to kiss again after Bella’s orgasms. This time I left them to do their thing. I paired my phone with my Bluetooth speakers and selected my slow jams playlist. Good music filled the air and we all hummed the parts we knew while getting our orgy on. “So far, this is my best night ever”, Bella exclaimed.

I made both ladies go on their knees in front of me. I looked at both asses and although Becky’s butt was the best looking, my dick chose Bella’s. Bella moaned loudly as I rammed my dick into her pussy from behind. I grabbed her by the waist and fucked her fast and hard. “Now you see what you’ve been missing?”, I asked as she came on my dick. I withdrew my dick from Bella’s pussy and it was Becky’s turn to get fucked. Becky let out a soft aah the moment she felt my turgid meat inside her wet cunt. Bella gave me a soft smack on my ass, “Tunde you no get respect, see as you dey fuck me anyhow”, she said. Becky and I laughed about it and I repeated same thing I did to Bella earlier.

Becky came too and Bella quickly positioned herself for my penetration. Both ladies were so excited and Bella gave a few waffy jokes while we fucked. I raised Bella’s legs and had them almost touching the back of her head. She had a crying expression on her face when I pushed my cock inside her. One, two, three and four thrusts then Bella came. Her pussy had somehow become extra sensitive to my cock. I withdrew my cock from her pussy and slapped it on her clit severally. That was when the flood gates got opened. Bella squirted a whole bucket on my dick. After that, every few thrusts I made resulted in more squirt juice. My bedspread was all messed up before I knew it. Becky just laid by the side and fingered her pussy while watching Bella squirt all over the place.

Bella was obviously exhausted by the time I was done with her. Becky took charge and laid on her back too. I raised her legs and put them on my shoulders. I fucked her pussy hard while rubbing her clit with my right thumb simultaneously. The more I fucked, the more slimy Becky’s pussy became. Before long, I noticed some juice trickling down from Becky’s pussy to her ass. I withdrew my cock and rubbed it on her clit like I did Bella earlier. Becky screamed and squirted on my dick too. I continued fucking her until Bella passed me my phone. “Which Janet dey call you by this time of the night?”, she asked. I picked up the call only to be threatened by Janet. “Tunde, if you don’t come here right now I’m gonna do something very stupid”, Janet said.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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  1. Make Janet go die for one side abeg. Better thing dey happen and she just wan use her bad head scatter things. Foolish child wey she be.

      1. She’s to clingy for my liking jare. Dating never sha dey the package. Which wan be distress call? Make she do stupid thing first before we know say she serious.

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