Driving Lessons – Episode 46

After rushing into the hospital reception, the nurses quickly came to my aid. They recognized Janet as it was their family hospital. I quickly begged to see the doctor. That was after warning the nurses not to take Janet into the VIP ward as her father was there. I’m not ready and don’t want to learn how to arrange burials yet. After discussing with the doctor, he asked me to keep away from chief until further notice. I just sat there in the reception and was checking on Janet every now and then. Memories of the showroom played back in my head and I remembered the name of the missing manager was John. “Hmm, could that be Janet’s boyfriend?”, I asked myself. Before long, the doctor came to me with smiles. “So, you’re Janet’s fiance?”, He asked.

I almost hesitated but then I returned the doctor’s smile and answered quickly. “Yes doctor, you have news for me?” I said. The doctor saw my excitement and then sat beside me right there at the reception. He looked around to be sure nobody was eavesdropping. Then he whispered to me, “you’re about to be a father. I hope to get your wedding invitation soon”. We shook hands and I told him that I and Janet were working on it already. Then I went into the ward to check on Janet. She was awake and kept a straight face. She was about to say something when chief’s call came through on my phone. Janet told me not to pick up yet as we had to be sure of what excuses we’re giving chief. The phone stopped ringing.

Janet then told me she has gotten several missed calls from her dad already. The doctor came in and said Janet was good to go. He claimed that what happened to Janet was a normal occurrence. We got out of the regular ward and headed to the VIP where chief was. Before we got to the door, I collected Janet’s phone and switched it to silent mode. No vibration nor sound for incoming calls. “Tell chief you forgot your phone at home”, I said to her. She just looked at me and smiled. We entered the ward and chief was so excited to see us. “What happened? Why weren’t you picking up your calls?”, chief asked. I quickly cut in, “sorry chief, I didn’t pick my call because we were already in the hospital premises.

Janet followed by saying we had gone too far before she remembered she left her phone in the bathroom. Chief understood and believed our lies. Then it was time to tell him what we discovered so far. Janet winked at me and we both decided not to spill the beans to chief yet. We didn’t know how he would react to the news. When a manager travels without informing their employers, something bad must have happened to the accounts. The chief Obi I know might just go into a coma after such news. Janet and I acted like everything was fine until chief excused us. We soon hit the road again and this time it was straight to the two showrooms in Obalende. We reached every other showroom before closing for the day and ensured all the managers were on their toes.

As soon as we got to the house, Janet called chief with her phone. She gave him situation reports. Luckily chief didn’t ask about the missing manager’s branch. I told Janet to call the attendants and let them know we’re working together the next day. After that, Janet kept dialing a number on her phone. I could hear the machine saying, “the number you have dialed is switched off”. She dialed the number so much she forgot I was right beside her. I checked and it was John on her screen. “Are you still calling that manager?”, I asked. Janet didn’t respond and I could tell she was in despair. “Well, I should be on my way home now”, I said. Janet suddenly came back to life on hearing I was leaving.

Janet did everything she could to make me wait with her and spend the night. While we were talking about me spending the night or not, Bella’s call came ringing on my phone. I ignored it and just pressured Janet to let me go home. She finally agreed and even told me to go with the Range Rover. That way, I’ll be able to clean it early in the morning if I need to. I took the keys and I was off in no time. Bella’s phone was switched off by the time I called her back so I decided to call Becky. Becky quickly picked up and greeted me like she’s been expecting my call. She confirmed to me that the missing manager was the same John responsible for Janet’s pregnancy. “Bella is back”, I told her.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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  1. Oya… Make una sha prepare coffin for chief last last and maybe John too. Madness wan happen. Blood and sand..

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