Driving Lessons – Episode 43

Janet was about to yell but I quickly covered her mouth. “Calm down”, I whispered. Mr Security still didn’t notice any intruders. He raised the lady’s legs and fucked her pussy hard. She screamed and moaned while security man just kept doing his thing. They paused for a while and he told her, “na so my oga pikin and im boyfriend dey enjoy for here. I know say one day me sef go enjoy am”. Before the lady could finish laughing about it, he rammed his long dick into her again. “Ousss…aahh…Romanus don kill me oh”, she moaned. For the first time I got to know the security man’s name was Romanus. I looked at Janet and found she was carried away. Janet is obviously a big cock addict.

The security man ravaged the lady’s pussy like a sex starved horse. She screamed out loud as they both came. I led the clap session and Janet followed. It was like a spell got broken all too soon and Mr Security sprang up. He turned to face us before noticing his long cock was still outside. “So, my dad’s life is swinging between heaven and earth. All you could do was bring a tramp to fuck in his sitting room”, Janet said. The security man fumbled with his flies after tucking his member in. He went on his knees instantly. His accomplice joined him as they both begged for their lives. I moved closer to the security man and raised my hand as if to dish him a very hot slap. He quickly docked and covered his face with both arms.

“So, you’ve been peeping whenever Janet and I were having sex in this house?”, I asked him. His face looked like he was going to cry. I signaled the lady to the door. She ran out of the house immediately only to return seconds later. “What is it again?”, Juliet yelled at her. “Madam, no vex. My tray still dey inside”, she answered. She hurried inside and brought out a tray of bananas under the dining table. “Oh! I see. Come here, let me see the banana”, I ordered. She came close to me and I took a bunch from the tray. “Now, get out of here before I open my eyes”, I yelled with a hard face. She ran out through the gate. Meanwhile, our security man stayed glued to a spot.

I questioned and threatened the security man while Janet went inside to pack chief’s things. Janet was ready in no time and we headed back to the hospital. As soon as we hit the road, Janet told me she’ll make sure the security guard got sacked. I, on the other hand was seeing things differently. “Learn to take advantage of situations like this”, I told Janet. I cut one banana from the bunch and peeled it. “Oh! I see. That’s why you took the poor girl’s banana?”, Janet asked. She cut a banana for herself and munched away. I told Janet to see it as having the security man’s balls in her hand. “No need reporting to chief yet. He’ll be more loyal than you could ever imagine from now on”, I said.

Chief was awake in bed when we got to the hospital. He looked like he’s been expecting us for a while. Janet handed the brown travel bag over to the nurse in charge. And we both sat beside chief in bed. Trust the Igbo man in chief Obi. His first words to me were, “Tunde, please you have to do it for me again. My business…”. That’s coming from a man who just returned from heaven’s gate. His money is always on his mind. The doctor came in much later and chief said we could leave. We had to prepare ourselves for the next day’s task. Janet was quite excited. It was another opportunity for her to fuck me everywhere possible. For me, it was another chance to make five hundred dollars or more while enjoying chief’s Range Rover.

We left the hospital and Janet wouldn’t stop begging me to spend the night in her house. I knew her plan was to have sex with me as much as possible. It’ll increase her chances of getting creampied by me. Then she’ll be able to claim I’m the father of her baby. I love games and I’ve decided to play along until then. I agreed to spend the night with her after lots of persuasion. We got into the house and first thing Janet did was bring her mattress into the sitting room. She wanted us to watch porn on the big screen all night. Meanwhile, I had plans for the security guard. I summoned him and he came immediately. Some hardcore porn came on and Janet sat on my laps.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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  1. Your bushmeat don ready to chop Janet Hunter anyhow if she wants tag you for the Belle. Nice one.
    Abeg make sure say romanus fill her up from every area.. sebi she think say she get sense ni..
    Thumbs up bro.

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