Driving Lessons – Episode 40

Tinu’s pussy started dripping the moment I caught her tender clit between my lips. She moaned and held my head. I ate her pussy until she came in my mouth. After that we assumed the sixty-nine posture and Tinu was on top of me. She sucked on my hard cock while I spread her ass with my hands and ate her pussy. Her asshole gaped in my face like it got fucked not too long ago but that was none of my business. I wet my left index finger with lots of saliva and shoved it into her anus. Tinu’s body quaked as I pushed my finger deep inside her ass. I ate her pussy at the same time and Tinu couldn’t suck on my dick anymore. The pleasure from her pussy and anus must have been overwhelming. I went on until she came.

We disentangled our bodies and Tinu laid on her back. I rubbed the tip of my cock on her vulva until her cunt was pulsating in anticipation. Tinu moaned and begged, “please fuck me…ahhh!”. All I could see was her gaping ass. I was quite sure Tinu had some anal sex earlier that morning. Since she couldn’t get enough and still had to come to me, I decided to be merciless with her. I continued torturing her clit with my stiff shaft until her pussy dripped. My cock began to throb faster the moment it touched the slime from Tinu’s pussy. I dipped two fingers into Tinu’s pussy and fucked her until my palm was glistening. Her pussy juice was everywhere. I fingered her some more and rubbed  her pussy juice on my cock until it became so shiny.

Tinu was squeezing her own nipples and was ready for me to tear her pussy apart with my dong. I teased her clit with my cock again and wham! I shoved my monster into her anus. Tinu’s face changed immediately. “Aww baby!…my ass…mmm…yeah…ooh…please don’t stop”, Tinu went on and on. I held both legs apart in the air and rammed my dick into her ass hole harder than ever. It was almost like my cock would perforate her womb at some point. Tinu never resisted even though her face looked like she was going to cry. She merely positioned her ass for a deeper and more thorough pounding. I fucked her ass faster and harder until she began to rub her clit. She came so hard her legs shook uncontrollably.

After taking about two minutes to catch her breath, Tinu held my semi limp dick in her hand. She stroked it until it was super hard again. I Told her to rest some more when I noticed she was doing it almost reluctantly. Tinu insisted and climbed on my erect pole. She sat her pussy on it and began to ride me slowly at first. Her speed increased with the amount of pleasure she was getting from my sweet rod. Tinu began to whine her waist like she was dancing to some Jamaican rubber dub song. Her pussy tightened against my cock in the process. I was about to shoot my load when Tinu told me she was cumming. The more I tried to push her off my dick, the more Tinu pressed her loins into mine. We came at the same time and her pussy swallowed all my semen.

After freshening up in the shower, we resumed our movie watching. Janet called me again to ask when I’ll be home. I looked into Tinu’s eyes as I replied, “I’ll be home in an hour”. Tinu got the message clearly and began to pack her stuff. She already got more than she wanted so she’s good to go. I was beginning to get very hungry from the fuck. Thoughts of pizza began to occupy my mind so I offered to drop Tinu off. On my way back home, I stopped at Domino’s and bought an extra large pizza. I could share some with Janet and keep the rest for TV time later in the evening. It was barely ten minutes after I got home when Janet called that she was at the door. She was all smiles as we greeted.

Janet went straight into my kitchen with two loaded polythene bags. She then brought out two food flasks. One was filled with Oha soup while the other had fried rice in it. She emptied both into my pots and cleaned the kitchen up right after. I returned to the sitting room and switched the TV to Trace Urban for some music videos. Then I remembered Becky’s warning about Janet. Janet looked distracted even as we watched TV. I just played dumb and sang along with Usher as the New Flame musical video with Chris Brown played. Janet suddenly adjusted herself into the sofa and said, “Tunde, there’s something I’ll like to discuss with you”.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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