Driving Lessons – Episode 39

It didn’t take long before I heard sounds of Ekene and the lad’s bodies slamming against each other. She just can’t live without dick. Right there I held myself back and walked to the main gate. I opened and parked my car inside the compound. The moment I stepped into my apartment, I raised my curtain slightly. I knew the lights from my car must have alerted Ekene of my arrival. The boy sneaked out of the pedestrian gate and not long after that Ekene came knocking on my door. “Broda Tunde welcome”, she greeted. I just looked in her eyes and nodded. Ekene looked away immediately. “You want anything?”, I asked her. “Yes broda. I wan come sleep for your…”, I didn’t let her finish up before I opened my door.

Ekene reluctantly walked out of my apartment. She grumbled all the way down to her door. It was more like I took dick out of her pussy without giving her a replacement. I couldn’t wait for Bella to return. At least the fuckery will either stop or get reduced to the barest minimum then. I began to find Ekene quite irritating. Bella called that night and asked about Ekene. I told her I’ve not seen Ekene all day since I was out hustling for passengers. Bella felt so uncomfortable after my response so I asked her if there was any problem. “Ekene too like man o. Abeg help me dey monitor am before she go turn my house to hotel”, Bella said. There was no better way for her to tell me Ekene was a nymphomaniac. We talked for a while before the call ended.

Tinu’s call woke me up the next morning. “Hi Tunde, good morning. Please I need to see you today”, she said. I’ve not heard from Tinu in days so I was delighted. Besides, man must not live by bread alone. It’s been Becky, Janet or Ekene for about two weeks now so I thought some Tinu would be cool. I checked my schedule and informed Tinu that I’ll be out in the morning. Just a few clients here and there and I’ll be back home before 11am. We agreed she’ll be at my place by 11am before ending the conversation. I could remember I was just entering Opebi road when Janet called my phone. “Hello baby, are you home? I wanna come spend some time with you”, she said.

It was almost 10:30am and I was done with my passengers for the morning. I was on my way home when Janet called again, “baby, are you home yet?”, she asked. The way Janet called me baby made me feel like we were either married or engaged already. She had been so caring lately. I hardly cook anymore. Janet always made sure I was okay with food. Then, Becky’s words started making more sense to me. Janet was obviously pulling me into some kind of web. I got home around 10:55am and Janet called again. “I want to bring you some food so let me know when you get home”, she said. “Oh! Thanks a lot Janet. That would be cool”, I replied. Wetin be my own? If she bring food I go chop am clean mouth.

Tinu got to my house few minutes after 11am. We chatted for a while before deciding to watch a movie. “I downloaded some new ones last night”, I said while copying files from my laptop into the USB stick. I plugged it to the TV and we began to watch the Asian made BItcoin Heist movie. Minutes into the movie, Tinu excused herself and went into the toilet. She was there for several minutes before returning to the sitting room. She sat really close to me and her fingers began to grope in my back. Tinu started sending those signals to me and they only meant one thing. She needed a good fuck. I could not wait to remember what if felt like to fuck Tinu’s cute body. My right hand was on her knee so I moved it slowly up to her thigh.

We began to kiss right there and Tinu was moaning as soon as my hand touched her lacy pant. She opened her legs wider and I could feel my index finger on the entrance of her pussy. It was starting to get wet. I couldn’t wait so I shifted her pant to the side until my finger touched her wetness. Her clit already became so tender. Tinu removed my hand from her pussy and got up. She pulled her pant and made it slide down to her ankle. She then sat back in the sofa looking directly into my eyes. I knew she wanted me to take charge of her pussy. As a professional pussy engineer, I went on my knees immediately. I tore Tinu’s legs apart and her partially wet pussy smiled in my face.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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  1. Guy, I agree with @kamsi.. this episode short..
    So tinu go dey ontop your dick by the time Janet go show.. e be like say na time to clear Janet reach so.. I sha dey look from my high place..
    BTW, how you dey? Hope heat never wan finish una for that side?

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