Driving Lessons – Episode 37

Ekene was on the floor with one dick in her mouth and another in her pussy. “Ekene! What is this?”, I asked while still looking stunned. She quickly jumped up and told the guys to leave immediately. Both boys greeted me as they passed. They were familiar faces from the aboki shop at the entrance of my street. I’ve paid for their cigarettes a couple of times. Ekene had that remorseful look on her face once again. “Well, it’s your life”, I said as I handed her some money. “Go to the store down the street and get me a bottle of Vodka. Wetin I call am?”, I asked. She quickly responded, “Vodka”, and put on her clothes and raced out. There and then I confirmed Ekene was a nympho.

I opened the door for Ekene when she returned with the drink and thanked her. I also left the change with her but warned her sternly not to let what happened repeat itself. Ekene looked into my eyes and then straight to the bedroom door. She was young but passing a message. I quickly talked to myself. Who am I to advice this girl when I have another female in my bedroom too? We’re both guilty. But then I thought again, “why two dicks at once?”. I almost got another erection from watching Ekene leave. Immediately I started picturing myself in the position of one of the boys fucking her earlier. I would bleep her ass while another man bleeps her pussy. “Baby”, Janet’s voice came from the bedroom and I snapped back from fantasy land.

Becky’s call came in again and I ignored it still. I put the phone on silent mode and walked into the kitchen to get glasses for myself and Janet. I was pouring us drinks when my phone vibrated. Becky sent me a short message, “stop wha’eva u’re doin ryt nw n find a way 2 call me discreetly”. I excused myself from the room and acted like I was going to send Ekene on another errand. Becky picked up her call as I approached Ekene’s door. “Tunde, are you alone?”, she asked as soon as she picked up. I responded “yeah” and she asked again if Janet had been to my place. Becky snapped when I told her Janet was in my bedroom as we talk.

“Have you guys fucked?”, she asked again. “Yes! Why not?”, I answered. “Ah! Tunde, hope you didn’t cum inside her?”. I paused. There I had to beg Becky to open up to me for friendship and fuck sake. “What’s really going on?”, I asked. “Errm…we’ll talk about it when we see but please don’t fuck her anymore”. The suspense was killing me right after the call. I knew I was driving to Becky’s house the moment Janet leaves. Janet had fun and we drank together until late in the evening. She made several attempts for us to fuck again but Becky’s words kept ringing in my head. Could it be that Janet was infected? What kind of STI could it be?

All that was in my head were questions until Janet agreed it was time to go home. I drove her really close to her house and called Becky as soon as Janet entered the gate. “Becky, are you home?”, I asked. “Oh yes! Don’t tell me you wanna come over by this time of the evening”, Becky replied. Before long, I was on her street and Becky was standing in front of her gate when I got there. She ushered me into her apartment and it was a lovely one. Becky lived alone in the Ilupeju area of Lagos. She was very reluctant to tell me what it was but I managed to squeeze words out of her mouth somehow. Becky told me that Janet was pregnant and I almost fainted. “No now. It’s not yours”, she said before I regained myself.

That was how I found out Janet had a boyfriend named John. She’s been having issues with him lately and was planning to severe ties with him. Becky also said Janet was addicted to John’s larger than life dick so she keeps going back to him. Now she’s pregnant for him. But she’s in love with me even though she is yet to openly declare it. She wished I was the father and would do anything to make it so. “Thanks for being such a snitch bitch on your friend Becky”, I said to myself. I heaved a sigh of relief and thanked my stars it’s not an STD I contracted. I stood up to leave and Becky blocked me with her body. “Not so fast oga”, she said.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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