Driving Lessons – Episode 35

I picked up Bella’s call and after exchanging greetings we got down to the real deal. It almost became like some distant relationship affair for me and Bella. We hardly talk on phone for ten straight minutes without having phone sex or at least talking about something erotic. From my conversations with Bella, I could tell we would be fucking a lot whenever she returned to Lagos. I dialed Becky’s number while we talked and she joined us in a conference call. I warned Becky not to disclose her identity just yet. Our gist continued after I introduced both ladies to each other. Bella tried to ask who the other female was but I cut in each time and told her to just enjoy the moment. “Her identity will be revealed to you in due time”, I promised Bella.

The conversation soon got very sexual and we began to talk about everything sex. Both ladies claimed to like a big long dick but things took a drastic turn when Becky said she likes her pussy being licked. Not just being licked, but by another female. “Really?”, Bella quipped. I knew she must be aroused where she was. Bella had to warn Becky, “don’t start what you can’t finish, baby”, she said. “I can handle the pressure”, Becky responded. “Wow! It seems like you two are up to something. I’ll just lean back and watch”, I said. Before long, the two ladies started talking dirty in their lesbian themed phone chat. I was horny as fuck from their conversation and didn’t know when I began to stroke my cock.

“Hmm..hmm!”, I cleared my throat to regain Becky and Bella’s attention. “Aren’t you ladies forgetting something?”, I asked. Becky let out a soft moan before responding, “naughty Tunde, oya! Join us now”. Bella then followed, “come and penetrate my pussy from behind while I eat this bitch’s pussy”, she said. My dick pulsated in my palm immediately. My imaginations were running wild. I felt like I would die waiting for a threesome with Becky and Bella. My hard dick kept nodding as I poured some baby oil in my palm to give it a cum inducing massage. The girls moaned away on their ends while saying what they would do to each other. I told Bella I was pushing my dick into her from behind and she moaned so good.

Becky came once and Bella followed. The night was blissful for the three of us as we talked about our craziest and wildest fantasies. Bella said she felt like returning to Lagos the next morning but she couldn’t leave her village yet. We continued our phone sex and while we were fucking (phone fucking), I told Bella I wanna fuck her in the ass. “Oh yeah? You just turned me on some more”, Bella responded. Then I ordered, “Becky, you eat her pussy while I fuck her anus”. Bella moaned louder and screamed, “oh my God! I’m cumming again”. The pressure in my cock got so high and I knew I was ready to shoot some load. Becky soon announced that she was coming too and we came together. Bella suddenly woke up (not from sleep).

“Tunde. Wait o! Na Becky I dey follow talk since?”, she asked. I had forgotten and let Becky’s name slip out of my mouth earlier. Otherwise, I was planning to keep Bella in suspense a little longer. Bella went haywire right after realizing she just had a threesome phone sex with her crush. She promised to be in Lagos the following week. Bella was so excited like never before until the call session ended. I was glad I made one of Bella’s dreams come through. Meanwhile, I was happy for myself because I knew there would be a real threesome with Bella and Becky soon. It also meant regular sex for me as Bella’s mature pussy is only doors away from me. But then, there was a challenge. “How will Ekene cope when her aunt returns to Lagos?”.

The rest of the night flew by so fast that I woke up late next morning. I must have heard knocks on my door before waking up so I rushed to check. The bright morning sun hit my eyes immediately I raised the curtains that I squinted. “Hey Mr sleepyhead!”, Janet said as she pushed past me into my apartment. From the way me and Janet got close in the last week, we were beyond bleeping mates. If we were not fucking then we would pass for siblings. Janet dropped the backpack she was carrying on my dining table before finding a seat. I shut my door and was shocked when I opened the bag.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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