Driving Lessons – Episode 34

After Ekene got exhausted from riding my cock, I made her lay on her tummy with the pillow right under her pussy. I rubbed more oil on my dick and poured some on her anus. It didn’t take long before the tip of my cock disappeared into her hole. Ekene moaned as she felt my cock driving into her virgin anus. I poured more oil for maximum lubrication and soon I was pumping away. Ekene had just been introduced into the anal world and she was loving it. The tightness of her anus was immensely felt by my dick. I came before long and poured my semen on her ass. Ekene didn’t move. She just slept right there with my sperm on her ass. I looked for the bathroom and cleaned myself up. After exploring the apartment for a while, I returned to mine.


I got to Janet’s house right on time and she was all dressed and ready. We had to be at the airport in an hour because chief’s flight would have arrived then. “Shall we?”, I asked Janet as soon as I entered. She stared from my eyes downward to my crotch and stopped. With her eyes still fixed on my crotch she said, “give it to me in this sitting room once more”. I declined but then Janet made me understand we may never have another opportunity to fuck in her sitting room. “No one knows when next chief will travel”, she added. I reasoned with her and we had a quickie right there in the sitting room. She held on to the wall right beside the TV while I bleeped her from behind.

We got to the airport and didn’t wait up to ten minutes before chief emerged among other arrivals. Chief had a broad smile on his face as I took charge of his trolley and pushed it toward the car park. Father and daughter were busy chatting while I loaded the big boxes in the trunk of the car. “Hope Janet didn’t give you a tough time?”, chief asked. “Not at all sir”, I replied. Janet started praising my efforts right there in the car. She claimed I made the job very easy for her to handle. Janet said so much that if I were in chief’s shoes, I would suspect something more going on. Girls just don’t know when to stop talking. Chief soon stopped talking and I had to tell Janet to let her dad rest.

Chief Obi was asleep by the time we got to the house. Janet had to wake him up while I dropped the luggage from the car. The security guard assisted with moving the boxes into the house. Chief wanted to attend to me right there but I begged him to get some rest first. I can always return for whatever he has for me. Chief really appreciated my gesture. He went into his room for a shower and Janet went into the kitchen to fix him a meal. Before chief returned from his room, the table was already set. We had some fufu with egusi soup and ate goat meat pepper soup as desert. I begged to take my leave and chief promised to give me a call or send Janet to me. After picking up an apple from the dining table, I walked toward the door.

I thought of the past week as I drove home. All the threesomes, solos with Becky and Ekene’s anal conquest. Bella’s phone sex sessions had also become a regular thing and Ekene was with me most of the time. I dialed Bella’s number and we got talking. She knew I wanted to ask when she’ll be back in Lagos. “No worry, you go see me soon”, came her usual response. I was so tired of waiting already. The second week was counting and she’s yet to return from the burial. All I could think of was how it would feel bleeping Bella’s mature lesbian pussy. But then, thinking she possessed an anal plug also gave me hopes of fucking her in the ass too. I instantly thought of a good plan.

I rested for a while after getting home before I hit the road again. After a couple of passengers, I returned home. I called Becky and fixed a phone date with her for the night. She agreed and I called Bella right after. Bella was full of anxiety when I told her I had a surprise for her but I never let the cat out of the bag. She begged endlessly for me to tell her what it was. Meanwhile, she asked me if I’ve noticed any boys flirting with Ekene. There I confirmed the fact that Bella knew her cousin was a dick lover. Before long, it was night time and Bella’s call came through.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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  1. Hmmmm…. na wa o.
    You just dey ball… Na God say make sperm no dey finish for boy body.. All these girls just wan finish your sperm sha.
    Nice stories bro. Thumbs up.

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