Driving Lessons – Episode 33

I grabbed Ekene by the wrist and sniffed both hands. Yeah, I got what I was expecting. Ekene’s left palm and fingers were oozing of fresh pussy juice. Ekene just finished masturbating. Then I thought of my conversation with Bella days back. She must be trying to protect me when she asked me not to let Ekene into my apartment. A teenager who steals and can’t have enough sex is a dangerous one. Bella must know her cousin is a nympho. Ordinarily, I was supposed to turn around and return to my apartment. But, thoughts of Ekene being an insatiable bitch made me desire her the more. I wanted to violate her in every way. Her ass needed to be stretched by my cock too. I imagined the kind of face she would make when my erect manhood penetrates her ass hole.

My dick got super hard and I could tell Ekene was excited and hopeful when she saw my bulge. I stepped closer to her and she went on her knees. She pulled my basketball shorts down and wanted to take my dick in her mouth. I told her not to suck me and she wondered why. Deep within me, I didn’t want my dick to touch any particle of Collins’ sperm still lingering in her mouth and throat. I bent her over and pushed my cock into her pussy from behind. It was so wet and slimy yet tight. The veins on my hard cock brushed against her pussy wall as I slid in and out of her pussy. Ekene moaned and spread her ass cheeks wider for my cock to sink deeper into her. Then I balanced myself into her for proper ploughing.

I’ve always pitied Ekene’s young pussy and never gave her a full and hard thrust. She just gave me second thoughts. I was there trying to be nice yet she was spreading her ass cheeks for me to go deeper. A little pause and I pushed my cock in until I could feel the end of her pussy. Ekene shrugged and groaned but her pussy and body soon adjusted. I fucked her furiously until she started screaming loudly. Any attentive neighbor would have heard her moans at that ungodly hour of the night. I felt my cock tip hitting on some pulsating spongy part of Ekene’s pussy. She whined like a horse in pain and her legs shook as she had a first orgasm. I allowed her catch her breadth before asking that we go into the bedroom. First time being in Bella’s bedroom.

Ekene laid on her back the moment we climbed into the bed. She was ready for some missionary style penetration but I was looking around. Voila! There was an oil bottle just by the bed. I knew Bella would be too freaky as a lesbian not to have oil and toys. The first thing I saw was an anal plug when I opened the drawer beside the bed. “wetin dis thing be sef?”, Ekene asked as I brought out the anal plug. I told her to relax as she’s about to find and out wiped the plug with a serviette. After making her lay on her tummy, I rubbed a generous amount of oil on her ass hole and the anal plug. I told her I was about to fuck her in the ass. She just laid there and didn’t say a word.

I immersed my index finger in oil and slowly pressed it against her anal opening. Her ass hole pulsated a few times against my finger before giving way for it to sink in. Slowly, I bleeped her ass with my finger until it was sliding in and out comfortably. I dipped my middle finger in oil too and repeated the same process with Ekene’s ass. She just moaned and began to rub her pussy in the process. My dick was hard and rubbing against her thighs but I had to use the anal plug on her first. I didn’t want to scare her with too much pain. Next, I dipped the anal plug in oil and slowly pushed it into Ekene’s ass. She moaned and spread her legs wider while still rubbing her pussy. Ekene came hard as the plug entered her anus.

After sliding the anal plug in and out of Ekene’s ass several times, I knew she was ready for some dicking. I laid on my back and held my dick in my hand. I rubbed it with my oily hand and Ekene couldn’t wait to get her pussy filled. She sat on my cock and began to ride me. My left middle finger found her ass hole and it was still gaping from the anal plug. I took the plug and shoved it back into her ass hole while she fucked me. It was the bleep of the century as Ekene came over and over again. The night had just begun for us.

To be continued…00

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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