Driving Lessons – Episode 32

Before I could find myself a convenient posture for my spy action, I began to hear slurp sounds. I could tell Ekene was sucking Collins’ dick. “Chai! This stupid girl. Just one night off and she already found someone else”, I said to myself. Right there I told myself I was done with Ekene. I headed back to my apartment but noticed the security light in front of Bella’s apartment went off suddenly. It was quite unusual so I stopped to observe further. Everything seemed to be normal but my mind was curious as ever. I walked back to Bella’s apartment and the absence of the security light gave me a good cover. The curtains were down but for a tiny space on the side. I looked around and found a broomstick which I pushed through the net. Collins started groaning.

I created more space for my eyes by using the broomstick to push the curtain aside slightly. No TV could have been any clearer. I watched Ekene sucking Collins’ cock live . She licked from his balls straight up to the tip of his penis. Suddenly, Collins’ eyes rolled and he began to jerk his waist up into Ekene’s mouth. Ekene then took his whole length deep into her throat. Collins suddenly began to grunt like a pig. Then I heard, “Ewooo!…Aaaaargh…hmmmm”, it was Collins ejaculating deep into Ekene’s throat. “you no fit tell me say you wan release?”, Ekene asked angrily while trying to spit out what was left of Collins’ sperm in her mouth. It was too late as over eighty percent of Collins’ sperm was released directly into her throat.

Ekene began to finger her pussy. She was so ready for some pounding. “Oya! Come fuck me na”, Ekene whispered. Collins just looked at her like he didn’t understand a word she was saying.He pulled his pants up and was ready to leave. I quickly tucked in my already hard dick between my thighs and left for my apartment. I looked through my window and saw Collins leaving Bella’s apartment. Ekene must be obviously disappointed. Then I thought of how she would be masturbating right after Collins’ departure. I got extra hard again and was so tempted to go fuck the hell put of Ekene’s pussy. As soon as Collins was out of sight and back to his apartment, I walked back to Bella’s balcony. As I was about to move closer to the window, Ekene switched on the security light.

Minutes later, I was inside Bella’s apartment scolding Ekene. She had no idea how much I saw and was denying having Collins inside earlier. I had to declare to her that I was by the window all the while. She agreed when I told her how Collins ejaculated into her throat. I also told her she was still very horny and would have been masturbating if I didn’t come around. Ekene nodded in affirmation and had this sorry look on her face. She begged me not to ever tell Bella. That was after I told her that saying hi to Collins alone could get her into trouble with Bella. Besides, he doesn’t pass for a good sex mate. He came from getting a blow job in a few minutes and left her high and dry. Now she needs a cock desperately.

I returned to my apartment and went straight to bed. Sleep didn’t come easily so I picked up a book to read. My phone began to ring. I checked and it was Ekene so I didn’t pick up. She should finger herself to an orgasm and go to sleep. It wasn’t long before I started hearing soft knocks on my door. She knocked for about five minutes before giving up. I continued reading my book until I couldn’t concentrate anymore. “How can I be here and leave a girl to finger herself?”, I asked myself. My conscience began to judge me immediately. “It’s unfair boy. Go and help a sister out”, the inner voice told me. I got up immediately, opened my door and went to Bella’s apartment. Ekene opened up immediately.

She bolted the door instantly as if to get me trapped inside with her. I asked what she’s been up to and she just nodded as if to say nothing. I looked into Ekene’s eyes and they were so lustful. She looked like she was going to die if I don’t bend her over and fuck her right away.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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