Driving Lessons – Episode 31

Our gist became very sexual from talking about Becky. I confessed to Bella that I’ve been thinking of a threesome with her and Becky once she’s back in Lagos. Bella instantly declared she was horny from the thoughts of it already. I got very descriptive with my imaginations and poured them out to her over the phone. Bella began to moan softly at first until she decided to get reckless about it. “mmm…aah! Tunde you don kill me for here o”, Bella exclaimed. Then I knew she must have been touching herself during our discussion. “what are you doing right now?”, I asked. Bella was quiet for a while. I waited for her response until she begged me, “please talk dirty to me, my pussy is all wet and messy here…aaah! Please make me cum”.

My dick got super charged instantly and I knew I just had to fuck Bella over the phone. I stroked my cock softly while Bella bleeped her pussy with her fingers on the other end. We did all sorts of imaginable things with our imaginations. Bella informed me she was very close to an orgasm and I decided to cum at the same time with her. My dick was already seeping out some colorless semen and that served as a lubricant the moment it reached my palm. “ousss! Yeah! Tunde, Fuck me harder, I’m cumming”, Bella screamed as she came. I stroked my cock faster and harder until my cum sprouted out of my cock. We both heaved a sigh of relief right after and Bella told me she really enjoyed the phone sex. She promised to fuck me once she’s back in Lagos.

I held on to the hope I got from Bella. Meanwhile, Ekene won’t stop coming over to pass the night in my apartment. She usually waited till it was way past midnight in order not to arouse any suspicion from other neighbors. One night she came in her wrapper only and I started fucking her right from the door. We had several rounds of sex and I tried initiating her to anal sex but didn’t succeed. We ended up passing out on the floor in my sitting room. By the time we woke up in the morning, it was already past 8am and the compound was busy. Ekene couldn’t walk out of my apartment in her wrapper only without the neighbors suspecting us. I had to collect the keys to her apartment and help her sneak in to bring some decent clothing.

My life suddenly became SUCKSEXful. Yes, I got sucked and fucked every single day. Right there I confirmed my appetite for sex was insatiable. Becky would meet me at Janet’s place in the daytime and we would have threesomes. It became a regular thing for us whenever we were together. Then, a greedy Becky would still go solo with me the moment Janet steps out of the house. Janet on the other hand was on a mission to fuck me everywhere possible. We fucked in every car in chief Obi’s garage and a few times in his office. I would still get home to meet my ever ready Ekene. One night, Ekene was sucking my cock while I had phone sex with Bella. I came in her mouth and imagined how Bella would feel if she ever found out about her freaky little cousin.

One fateful evening, I was back from dropping off a taxify client. I carried the elderly man all day and assisted him with his day. We even went into the bank together. I was so tired when I got home that I decided to be as discreet as possible so I don’t get noticed by Ekene. I turned off the lights in my apartment except for my bedroom and slept until around 11pm. Staggering into my bathroom, I rolled up some weed. After smoking to my satisfaction, I entered the kitchen and got myself some juice to wash the kush smell off my mouth. I was glad I would avoid Ekene and sleep for the night. I turned my phone off too so Bella won’t call for phone sex. Suddenly, I got curious about how Ekene was spending her night.

I raised my sitting room’s curtain slightly and looked toward Bella’s apartment as soon as it was past midnight. A flash of light came from her sitting room door and I saw a male figure walking in. I waited for a few minutes and quietly opened my door. I tiptoed as soon as I reached Bella’s balcony and heard murmurings through the window. “broda, na because I like you o. abeg no let broda Tunde know say me and you dey do this thing because he go tell my aunty. I no want wahala o”, Ekene whispered. From the response I heard, I could tell it was Collins. Collins was one neighbor Bella despised in the whole house. Collins assured Ekene that there’ll be no problem and they both went quiet almost immediately.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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  1. this ekene like dick sha.. na wa o.. Ogbeni tunde, una don dey queue for ekene pussy..
    How have you been bro?

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