Driving Lessons – Episode 30

I dropped my phone on the dining table the moment I realized it was Becky calling. There’s no need for her coming anymore. My sexual urge had already been satisfied by a younger and tighter pussy. I took a shower while Ekene was asleep and got dressed. Something in me was optimistic about getting a call from any of my clients soon. Becky’s call rang through two more times before she gave up on calling my phone. I relaxed in the single seat toward the entrance of my kitchen and leaned back. Either I sleep off or get a call from a client and be on my way out, one must happen. Power suddenly came on and my apartment became bright. I quickly switched on the TV to entertain myself. Ekene woke up too. I ordered her to go use my bathroom and clean herself up.

Ekene’s body carriage shows she’s not a newbie as far as sex was concerned. She looked more like one who has had over a decade of experience in fucking. That just got me thinking, ‘if she’s so experienced at less than eighteen, when did she start having sex?’. Smiling at me seductively, she walked and wiggled her waist into my bathroom. It was as though she was reading my thoughts. I felt like taking off my clothes and going into the shower with her. Thoughts of her young and tight pussy gripping my massive cock is all that plays in my head whenever I look at Ekene. I suddenly got an erection and knew I just had to move closer and fuck her once more. This time it will be in my bathroom and I’m starting from the wall.

The moment Ekene saw me in the bathroom, she smiled and turned off the shower. Her naive eyes told me to move closer. She held my dick in her palm as soon as I got close enough. My dick began to throb recklessly and she could feel the veins surrounding it breathing hard. She turned her back and guided my hard pole to the entrance of her excited pussy. After rubbing her pussy with my cock until it became extra wet, she proceeded to push it in. I apprehended her hand right there and removed my cock from her pussy. I gestured for her to go on her knees. Ekene took my dick in her mouth and sucked it good. Her left hand was pleasuring her pussy at the same time. Her pupils got dilated and I realized she was about to cum.

I pushed Ekene’s face hard against the bathroom wall and shoved my dick into her pussy from behind. The pleasure my dick got from the warmth of her pussy could only be compared to getting a blowjob from Amber Rose. I rested both my hands on the bathroom tiles and fucked Ekene’s willing pussy. She screamed and moaned so loudly that I had to turn on the shower in order to balance the noise. We left the wall and I sat on the water closet. Ekene faced me and sat gently on my cock. She began to ride and her nipples dangled in my face. It wasn’t long before my mouth caught one of them. I began to suck on it and Ekene moaned louder. She came so hard that my dick slipped out of her pussy from the sliminess of her cum juice.

After cumming on Ekene’s face, we enjoyed the shower together. We both got dressed and she left for her aunt’s apartment. I drove out to hustle for clients that evening. Becky called again and I picked up. I didn’t let her say too much before I lied to her that I was driving out of Lagos for the night. She felt disappointed and I knew her plan was to come fuck me for the night. Thank God for Ekene who is readily available for my ploughing until Bella returns. I was able to scoop up three passengers and returned home before 9pm. I added several thousands of Naira to my purse. Several fuckings too. Good day for me so far. I fell asleep just before 10pm and woke up around 1am to see a few missed calls and a Whatsapp message from Bella.

“Tunde, why u no dey pick my call na? Msg me when u read this”, was the content of the message from Bella. I returned the message right away in hopes that she will read it once she’s up next morning. I typed, “sorry I was asleep. Just woke up”, and tapped the send button. My phone beeped almost immediately. It was Bella. “Oh! Tunde. I was just sleeping too. Can I call you now?”, she asked. “Hell yeah! Why not?”, I responded. Bella’s call came through and we began to gist. We talked about her family and late mum’s burial for a while until Bella asked about Becky, her crush.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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