Driving Lessons – Episode 3

After appreciating her compliments, I was about to drop Janet on the sofa when a certain deep signal that was sent from her bare skin entered through my palms. It took over my whole body so much that my dick became super charged instantly. My pant was about to get ripped apart if I don’t release the monster immediately. Janet wrapped her arms tighter around my neck like she didn’t wanna let go. I just grabbed her ass cheeks and brushed her pussy several times with my hard bulge. She moaned softly and was liking it. Still grabbing her ass I moved my fingers toward her pussy. I pressed hard on the surroundings of her pussy with the tip of my fingers. I gave her a hardcore massage session around her cunt until it became a wet mess. Janet gave me a kiss and pressed her crotch further into my hardness. Then I knew I had to either fuck this girl or go jump down from the third mainland bridge twice. I laid her on the sofa and made to adjust my trousers. I was so wet in my undies from my own semen. It was damn slimy as my dick rubbed against the soft fabric. I sniffed my fingers with her cunt juice all over. “you smell good”, I said to her. She smiled at me and I was tempted to just tear Janet’s legs open and start licking her pussy through her already wet pants. “Now you have to change those undies”, I told her as she walked into her room.

Fifteen minutes later we were on the road to Lagos Island. All we talked about was what we’ll do to each other when we get the time to fuck. Her friends were blowing her phone up. They couldn’t wait to take a ride in Janet’s brand new Toyota. We were also running late for the party. We got to Ozumba Mbadinwe, picked two of her friends up and headed straight for the beach. They greeted loudly and that was all. I instantly knew there was something wrong from the silence that followed. I decided to play dumb by looking away from Janet pretending to be focused on the road. Really, my eyes were on a 360 degree watch and I noticed a hand move toward Janet’s head rest from the back seat. I knew one of the ladies was trying to communicate with Janet. From her gestures I could tell she was asking Janet about me. I realized Janet was lost for words to respond as she fixed her eyes on the road as though she was driving. I decided to help her out, “hmm-hmm! Ladies, I’m Tunde Jones. Janet’s friend and your chauffeur tonight”, I announced. The lady behind Janet was excited that I finally broke the ice. She was obviously a talkative as she started yapping away immediately. “My name is Tinu and the pretty one behind you is Becky. We’re Janet’s classmates in school”, she said. Becky looked so stunning that I didn’t expect her to be in Janet’s league.

We got to the party venue soon enough and the sound was massive as the DJ served one slow jam after the other. Spirits were high and our table started getting busy almost immediately. It was just me and the three girls and Janet has been flirting with her eyes from across the table, meanwhile, Becky the seemingly quiet one was sitting very close on my left and she has touched me a few times either asking for a cup or some ice. I started having naughty feelings about the three but the night was still young and I didn’t want to raise my hopes of a threesome or more yet. One thing I was sure of is Janet’s pussy. I planned to pretend like I need to pick something up at home after dropping her friends off so we’ll get an opportunity to be together and alone at my place. Trust girls, they soon started feeling tipsy from the liquor and the urge to dance crept in. Becky got up from her seat as soon as Tekno’s Go song came on. “Oh My God! See yansh”, I exclaimed quietly. Janet caught me staring at Becky’s soft twerking ass and gave me that look of disapproval. Her eyes were threatening me like to flirt with Becky is to get shot in the head. I understood so I respected myself and kept whatever advances I had to myself. I was sipping my drink and nodding to the music when Becky asked me for a dance.

Janet looked like one who’s man was getting snatched away from her in her very own eyes. I was almost going to have my seat and decline Becky’s offer when some random guy came from the crowd and whisked Janet away to the dance floor. I had all the time in the world to do whatever I want with Becky and Tinu so I grabbed Becky’s hand and pulled her closer. We started dancing like some long time friends and Becky freely gave me her body in the dance. I squeezed and touched every part of her body in the name of dance. Another song came in on the mix and Becky turned around. She bent over and started grinding her ass on my crotch. I stopped hearing the loud speakers immediately. All that was left in my ears were two words resonating, “doggy-style”. I tried looking around for Janet but she was out of sight so I grabbed Becky by the waist and rocked her whole body while dancing. Tinu soon got up from her seat and joined us in the dance. I danced with both ladies until Becky asked me to escort her to the ladies. “See opportunity”.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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  1. Oya… Oshey baddest.
    Na only yansh fit make guy deaf to loud speakers true true..
    You’re living the life my friend. Enjoy..

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