Driving Lessons – Episode 29

Ekene and I sat beside each other while watching TV. I tried my best to get the dirty thoughts I was having off my head. The ongoing movie on Africa Magic seemed to have gotten all of Ekene’s attention. She never looked my way for over half an hour, instead she laughed at every one of Chinwetalu Agu’s jokes in the movie. I despise the epileptic condition of power in Nigeria but then it worked to my advantage for once. The lights went out all of a sudden and my sitting room went dim. “Oooooh! Why now?”, Ekene grumbled. Usually, I would quickly raise the blinds but this time I didn’t. I needed it to stay dim for my evil plan. Her face carried a remorseful look when she finally faced me. I could guess her next words, “broda, abeg on your generator na”.

It didn’t take long before Ekene voiced out, “broda, shebi you get generator? Abeg go on am na”. I declined by lying to her that I had no fuel in my power generator. Ekene was disappointed but I didn’t let her go too far in her misery before I fired my first question at her. “Ekene! I wan ask you. Why you steal my gold chain last night?”, I asked. Her face changed instantly. I could tell she was wondering why I brought the topic up again after forgiving her. She just sat there with her lips moving but no words coming out of them. “You need money for something?”, I asked again. Ekene didn’t give an answer still. She looked like she got dumbfounded by my questions so I moved on to the next one.

We talked about her entering my room the previous night and I could tell she was excited by the sex topic. She smiled when I asked her why she raped me while I was asleep. “Broda, you sef wicked. You come do like say you dey sleep true-true”, she said. Then I told her I had to play the dead swine to kill the tiger. I asked how she felt when she first saw my dick that night and she shrugged. “Ah, broda, hmm…my body move immediately o. As we dey talk now sef, my body don dey move again”, Ekene confessed. Confession must be contagious because I got hard right away and had to confess to her too. “My prick don hard too. Come closer make you touch am”, I said.

Ekene shifted from the other end of the sofa and moved closer to me. I placed my hand on her thigh and squeezed it. The more I squeezed, the wider Ekene spread her legs. She obviously wanted me to touch her mid section asap but since I was delaying, Ekene moved first. Her palms squeezed on my hard bulge through my pants. She brought my dick out and stroked it mildly with her palm. I became so interested in Ekene all of a sudden. There’s a lot I would like to know about her. She was quite brave and too sexually exposed for her age . Ekene took my dick in her mouth and began to suck on it like an oversized lollipop. She licked me from my balls up to the hole on the tip of my cock. It felt like my head was gonna blow up.

I pushed her head off my cock and removed my pants totally. Ekene mounted my cock and her pussy was tight as usual so it took a while for my monster to penetrate. I had to slap her clit severally with my stiff cock until her pussy produced enough lubrication. She pushed her pussy hard against my cock and it slowly went in. With my dick inside Ekene’s slimy pussy, I started having this crazy feeling. My dick pulsated inside her pussy and her pussy walls reciprocated by tightening on my dick. It felt like I was about to cum at some point.  I withdrew and stood up because I wasn’t done yet. I told her to go on fours so I entered her from behind. She moaned loudly with her tiny voice as I banged her the doggy way. Ekene loved it and climaxed.

We didn’t switch positions for the next thirty minutes. I just held on to her slim waist and fucked her pussy hard. She screamed and cried as she came over and over again. Her teenage pussy got so loose and slimy that my monster moved in and out freely. It wasn’t long before my legs started shaking and my thrusts became irregular. I so wanted to pour my semen inside her cunt but that would mean my village people have succeeded. Naughty Ekene tightened her pussy around my cock like she’ll never let go but I succeeded in pouring my sperm just at the tip of her ass hole. Ekene fell asleep on my sofa right after then Becky’s call came through.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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