Driving Lessons – Episode 27

Come and see Warri girl with boldness. She soon threw all caution to the wind and touched my dick. Wetin concern me? I just dey sleep my own dey go. I just acted like I was dead asleep but my dick was fully awake. Ekene put her mouth on my cock and slowly licked the tip until it was super hard and shiny. She then stroked it with her hand while her saliva played the role of a lubricant. I tried my best to conceal the moans and groans that would have escaped my mouth. Two thoughts came into my mind instantly. First one was to get up, hold her hand and fuck her mercilessly before collecting my gold chain from her. Second thought was for me to relax and let her enjoy her night but make her pay later. I quickly made up my mind and chose the latter.

After sucking my dick and playing with her young twat at the same time, Ekene figured it was time for the real deal. My young stealthy queen climbed into my bed and with her legs on both sides of me, she slowly sat on my cock. I could tell it was quite big and uneasy for her to get it in because she lingered for a while and rubbed my cock on her pussy until wetness. The tip went in first and after several up and down movements, my cock went halfway inside her pussy. I could feel my stiff shaft stretching her young vagina as it tried to find its way to her G-spot. Ekene wimped lightly when I subtly moved my waist up and my dick went deeper inside her tight hole. At that point, she cared less about whether I was gonna wake up or not.

Judging by her looks, Ekene was hardly up to eighteen years old. But, her experience in stealing and fucking were decades older. She kept pressing her pussy on my dick until she couldn’t go any further. Then she held her gown up to her breasts and slowly rode my cock. It felt so much like fucking a virgin pussy as my dick tore through her hole with every thrust. Ekene began to moan softly. She must have forgotten she was stealing a dick when she started bouncing up and down on top of me. Minutes later, she ground her pussy so hard on my cock that I almost came. I thought of how to withdraw my dick from her pussy before cumming but Ekene beat me to it. She came and the slippery feeling of her cum juice helped me pull my dick out of her pussy.

She was about to grab my dick and shove it back into her pussy when I shot my load on her palm and nightie at the same time. Ekene got up immediately and off the bed. She raced quietly to the door, opened it stealthily like before and was back in the sitting room in no time. I got up from my bed and cleaned myself up. I really enjoyed being taken advantage of by a teenager in my own bedroom and wanted more. My gold chain was still in her possession so I knew the game wasn’t over yet. I continued reading my book until I slept off. Next morning, I was up around 5:30am and prepared breakfast for both of us. I made some oats and Ekene was up by the time I was done. She yawned as she greeted, “broda, good morning”.

We ate our breakfast quietly but Ekene seriously avoided any eye contact with me. She quickly looked away whenever I look in her direction. I knew it was as a result of her guilty conscience. I asked if she’ll like to take a shower before returning to her apartment but she declined. She claimed she had a lot of cleaning to do so she had to start early. I feigned understanding but before I opened my door for her to leave, I pulled her close. “Did you enjoy your night?”, I asked. Ekene looked at me in awe before responding, “yes broda”. I stared deep into her eyeballs and asked her if she really understood my question. She pretended not to get what I was driving at until I told her I was awake when she came into my room at night.

Ekene went on her knees immediately and started begging. “Broda, abeg no tell aunty Bella anything. She go kill me. I swear I no go do am again”, she pleaded. “Get up”, I said. “From now on you will do whatever I say but give me my gold chain first”, I added. There was a big shock on her face on hearing about the gold chain. “Oh! You thought I slept at all?”, I asked. Ekene felt really bad and apologized so I collected my chain, forgave and pacified her until Bella’s call came in.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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  1. see as this one take her hand do herself… Abeg, fuck her till her vagina connects to her intestines…
    I hate make person Dey steal sha..

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