Driving Lessons – Episode 26

Ekene came in in her nightie and a wrapper tied around her waist. I stylishly checked her out from behind as I shut and locked my door. She stood still after a few steps away from the door and removed her wrapper. My sharp eyes instantly focused on her ass and I noticed her gown was trapped between her ass cheeks. Ekene had no pants on and I could almost see everything through her nightie. While thinking about the temptation I’ve just put myself in, Ekene turned to face me. “Broda, I fit sleep for here?”, she asked while pointing to my sofa. “Oh no. You don’t have to sleep there. I have a spare mattress in the bedroom”, I answered. I brought out an orthopedic type mattress and laid it on the floor in the sitting room.

After making sure Ekene was comfy enough, I entered my room. There was a book under my pillow that I’ve not been chanced to read in a long time. I picked it up and began reading in hopes that sleep would find me soon. Chapter after chapter I read until I realized I’ve spent over an hour reading. I got out of bed to urinate and opened my bedroom door quietly to check on Ekene. She was laying on her tummy but her nightie was raised almost to her buttocks. I wondered why she didn’t cover herself with her wrapper. Her body was a temptation as I viewed from her heels up to her thighs. At some point I almost tried to lift her gown further up to see her ass but I controlled myself. Then I walked back into my bedroom.

The book, Mastery by Robert Greene wasn’t one I could ignore easily. I picked it up and continued reading. While reading, something prompted me to look toward the door. I saw a shadow moving slowly toward my bedroom and I could tell it was Ekene. As a bad guy, I didn’t move an inch. I just observed her movement until she got to my door and paused. She must have had her ear to my door hoping to hear any sounds to confirm if I was awake. I focused my gaze on the door knob and noticed it was moving slowly. “Hmm…this girl wan use waffy sense for lagos boy like me?”, I thought to myself. Ekene opened the door slowly and quietly. She sneaked into my bedroom and began to look around. My eyes were eighty five percent shut.

Ekene moved closer to my bed and waved her hand in my face. I didn’t move an inch, instead my fake snoring convinced her that I was deep in sleep. She got to my table beside the bed and picked up my gold chain. The only valuable she could find on my table was the gold chain. I knew she was going to look around for other stuff so I turned and laid on my back. I turned just so I could have a 360 degrees view of my room while she ransacked the whole place. “This one na better larceny”, I thought to myself. But then, I was already thinking of how to deal with the pretty young waffy thief. I know Bella would easily kill Ekene if I told her all that’s happening in my bedroom.

After turning from the table, Ekene faced me in bed and looked at me from head to toe. Then I noticed her eyes were focused on my mid section. She raised her gown up and I could see her ass and unshaven pubes. Ekene quickly tied my gold chain to some loose thread under her nightie. I made no move still until I was expecting her to drop her gown but she didn’t. Instead, she kept looking at my crotch and slowly started rubbing her pussy. She would randomly look into my face to be sure I wasn’t awake. Ekene rubbed her pussy for a while and removed her hand from her pussy. She looked excited from seeing the wetness of her young snatch. My acting game was A-list but for my olodo dick that started getting hard at the sight of a masturbating teenager.

Kids will always be kids. Ekene got more excited on spotting my erect dick instead of suspecting that I was awake and only pretending. She dropped her gown and moved closer to me. My loose boxer shorts came off easily as Ekene stealthily pulled it off my waist. She covered her mouth with one hand as if to prevent herself from screaming when my hard cock popped out. My dick pointed straight up to the ceiling and I could tell Ekene was confused at that point. She didn’t know her next move but I was sure she must have thought of sitting on my pole. Ekene raised her gown again and continued pleasuring her pussy. My dick began to pulsate endlessly.

To be continued…

This article was written by Tunde Jones.

I am Tunde 'Bebo' Jones from Lagos Nigeria. I love my taxi driving job. I encounter a lot of passengers on a daily basis, mostly females. Some are horny while some are not but I have pledged to fuck as many as are willing. This is my diary and you're always welcome to read.

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